The Cost of Poor Web Performance [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Cost of Poor Web Performance, a SmartBear infographic also seen on Mashable, highlights the brutal consequences of less-than-awesome load times and poor mobile performance year round.


The Cost of Poor Web Performance

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  • William V.

    Awesome post!  
    Very comprehensive infographic illustrating the consequences of poor web performance.  
    Site load time is becoming more and more critical not only for online retailers, but for all businesses driving revenue online (social sites, trading, gaming etc…) 
    One of our clients, Saxo Bank, was losing revenue on a daily basis due to latency (slow load time) in their web platform. As one can imagine, fast transaction times are critical to bond, stock, forex etc… trading. Latency in the platform resulted in lost in revenue from incomplete or incorrect trade data. 
    Our dynamic site acceleration solution greatly reduced latency and helped Saxo Bank gain Millions in revenue on a daily basis by eliminating incomplete transactions.  
    The point is, as the demand for online transactions grows (growth in revenue), slow load times is not to be tolerated.  
    Once again, awesome infographic! 
    Employee @ 

  • Mark

    Love this infographic! Often times businesses will overlook capacity and response time of their site because of a simple misunderstanding of how their website actually works. Just get someone who know what they’re doing to help out!

  • paul

    It is critical for retail to keep an eye on their website performance in real time before any problems can affect their business. Especially on a holiday that drives more visits as customer are ready for deals and ready to shop. Love the visual info graphics.

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  • thom

    very interesting figures ! unfortunatly, sources is not readable… can you past them in comments please ? thanks !