Source Control and Code Review: What Developers Need to Know

I can think back to times in my career that the source control that I was using (or not using) made me a cranky, unhappy human being. Years and years ago, there was the time that a co-worker accidentally left all of the files in the codebase checked out through Visual … [Read more...]

False Alarms – Your Ops Nemesis

If you work in operations, or manage a monitoring or operations center, you understand the frustration that comes with false alarms. IT analytics firm BigPanda recently conducted a 2016 State of Monitoring survey and found that 79% of IT professionals see reducing alert … [Read more...]

12 Resources for Perfecting Your API Performance Strategy

How do you measure the success of your APIs? That’s the question we asked the 1,300+ API providers that participated in our State of API 2016 Report. API providers across all industries agreed — performance is the primary way to measure the success of an API. Less … [Read more...]

What a Software Audit Means for You

“We’re being audited.” Now there’s a sentence to strike fear into anyone’s heart. The most famous and iconic example of an audit is the dreaded IRS audit. This audit is the IRS’s way of saying, “you did something wrong during the course of an extremely byzantine process … [Read more...]

Bringing Dev & Test Together to Resolve Common Selenium Testing Challenges [Infographic]

At the start of 2016, SmartBear Software held a special web testing webinar: Web Testing & Selenium: The Current State and Future Possibilities. More than 640 people showed up to learn about using Selenium for web testing in 2016. During the webinar, we surveyed … [Read more...]

Ready! API 1.7: Overcoming Challenges in Mobile API Delivery

At SmartBear, we talk to a lot of people to understand what kinds of challenges they face when building, testing, and deploying APIs. A consistent theme we hear is that people need a fast way to simulate real-world API interactions and emulate various conditions. With our … [Read more...]

Announcing the API Masterclass: A 3-Day Webinar Series Exploring API Delivery Strategies in 2016

Earlier this year, SmartBear Software released the results of a benchmark industry report looking at how organizations around the globe are developing and consuming APIs. In addition to providing insight into the evolution of APIs — from a technological benefit to a … [Read more...]

The Role of Testing in API Performance

Let’s consider a list of testing services: Functional Testing Automated Testing Security Testing Web Performance Testing API Performance Testing API Functional Testing Mobile Testing These sorts of lists are universal. But rather than just running down a … [Read more...]

How Collaboration Humanizes the Enterprise

I’ve spent enough time walking the halls of large-ish-to-massive organizations to have formed some opinions and made some observations. If I had to characterize the motor that drives these beasts, I’d say it is comprised of two main components: intense risk aversion and … [Read more...]

Better Web Testing with Selenium

Ten years after its introduction, Selenium is arguably the most popular open source testing tool, and for good reason. Not only is it free and open, Selenium is also fully feature and browser-neutral. Change a single variable in the code, and the same Selenium code that … [Read more...]