Collaboration comes to Web performance monitoring with DéjàClick ScriptShare

We recently had a conversation with some of the analysts over at Gartner about the exponential growth in Web 2.0 and social technologies. We talked about how they are promoting and simplifying collaboration and idea exchange among geographically dispersed groups and populations.


Today, with the release of DéjàClick ScriptShare, we’re bringing Web performance monitoring and management into this discussion of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and retention.


Previously, Web performance management was largely an individual responsibility, with one person testing scripts and responding to errors. ScriptShare turns it into a team affair, enabling employees anywhere to contribute to the task. Users can now take any click stream they record and save with DéjàClick, upload it to a private Script Repository, and e-mail it to colleagues who can play and edit the script at any time.


This ensures that each member of your IT team is aware of your organization’s Web performance monitoring testing scripts and strategies. Alternately, it enables management to see first hand the proactive measures you are taking to optimize uptime and responsiveness of your Web properties. Plus, if you ever leave your company, you’ll be able to transfer management of these properties to a colleague or successor so that monitoring can continue seamlessly.


ScriptShare also increases your mobility. If you’re at home or traveling without the machine you recorded the initial scripts on, you can now access them from any Internet-enabled computer. You’ll be able to respond to any errors you receive immediately, rather than having to wait until you return to you primary work station. And if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Speed is crucial when it comes to delivering a quality online customer experience.


So I invite you to test it out and let us know what you think. Really, the uses of ScriptShare are endless.

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