What is Quality to a Sales Guy? It’s Not All About the Leads, Stupid!

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We talk a lot about the importance of quality products. But what does the word “quality” really mean? Is it a subjective or objective trait? And how can anyone strive to achieve high quality without first understanding what that term actually entails? Over the next few weeks, we invite you to join us as we explore the meaning of the word “quality,” and try to understand the role it plays in our everyday lives. In this post, Miles Kane, Sales Manager for SmartBear testing tools, gives the perspective of a salesperson. 

The term quality can take on many definitions depending on whom you talk to and what their role is at a given company. And it stretches beyond work, as well. As I thought about what quality meant to me, I quickly gravitated to two things I enjoy the most in my personal life.

  • Live music – seeing your favorite artist or band at a great venue, there is really nothing better
  • Traveling – visiting family in sunny California, a welcome escape from New England winters

In comparison, while brainstorming ideas for what quality meant to me at SmartBear, I kept going back to one thing: leads, leads, and more leads. If you’ve spent one day in sales you know we are perpetually hungry for high quality, relevant prospects to “wow” with our products and service. Various clips from the seminal classic Glengarry Glen Ross kept racing through my mind, forming mini-nightmares of Alec Baldwin’s character showing up at SmartBear to provide his take on our business. 


But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s much more than just the leads; it’s the quality relationships that come from them. Yes, leads are of the utmost importance, but what sets SmartBear apart is what we do with them. We pride ourselves on establishing strong quality relationships with our prospects, so that once they become customers they truly become customers for life.

We want to see our custmers’ businesses grow and be successful, because chances are that if we can provide enough value with our products then we will continue to be successful as well. I don’t care if our marketing team is generating a million quality leads per day (bring it on!), if we aren’t effective at creating great relationships with our customers, and consistently showing how we add value to their business, all those hard earned leads are going to be for naught.

Whenever I hear one of our reps on the phone with a customer and the conversation goes off toward their child’s soccer game or a recent vacation, I know we are on the right track to a long-term, quality relationship. Customers buy from people they like and people they trust.

So the next time you talk to a sales person about the number of quality leads coming their way, don’t forget to emphasize that there is a real person behind that product download.

For me, I just heard Bruce Springsteen announced a tour in Ireland this summer. I think it’s time to start planning. 



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