Unprepared Geeks – “Happy New B’ak’tun!”

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Happy New B’ak’tun!

Today marks the beginning of the 14th B’ak’tun, and that just so happens to fall pretty close the our regular Christmas holidays. Therefore, we’re having a special episode today where Henrik Olsson, Erik Yverling, Niclas Reimertz and Henrik Johansson discuss two things they each want in their Christmas stockings this year.

So, what did they wish for? Watch the episode and find out! Okay, okay, here’s a sneak peak:

christmas stocking-small_Henrik Olsson:

Erik Yverling:

Niclas Reimertz:

Henrik Johansson:


  1. Erik R. Yverling says:

    Wow, I just realized that I said Nexus 7 throughout the show when I really meant Nexus 4. Actually , I’m more of an 10″ tablet guy 😉

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