How Prepared Are You for PSD2?

Are you hard at work making sure that your organization will be ready for PSD2 in time? You’re not alone. We know that many of you are feeling overwhelmed and confused by what you need to do to comply. Here’s the good news: we’re here to help! Check out the quiz below to … [Read more...]

Advantages of Using “Service Virtualization” Over “Mocking”

High quality applications, on schedule, under budget, and error free. This is the ideal scenario for developers, testing and operation teams. But this is becoming increasingly difficult as applications become more complex and companies adopt Agile method (characterized by … [Read more...]

[Webinar] An Analyst’s Viewpoint on the Value of Service Virtualization

Have you heard of service virtualization? Do you understand the immense power behind it? Service virtualization enables you to speed delivery with parallel development and testing. You're able to start developing and testing immediately, well before your actual API is … [Read more...]