MythBusters: Functional Testing Edition

  The other day I was looking for more information on functional testing, so of course I went to the go-to spot for testers and developers to ask their questions—Stack Overflow. Crawling through the posts that were tagged with “functional testing,” I noticed … [Read more...]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love End-to-End Testing

What is End-to-End Testing? This is a harder question to answer than you might think, because different QA roles can refer to very different testing approaches as “end-to-end.” Often, more technical testers or developers consider End-To-End as following the technical … [Read more...]

A Top-Down Approach to End-to-End Testing

Everyone wants to feel confident their application is bug-free before the next release. Software that is bug-free means happy customers and a de-stressed development team.  However, as the technology landscape changes and expands to include new platforms and devices, so does … [Read more...]