Selenium 101: Your Ultimate Toolkit for Taking Off with Test Automation

Being a software tester is a responsibility that few fully understand. There’s enormous pressure to cover as much of the application as possible, but also to have an eye for detail. You’re expected to test quickly so the new iteration can be deployed on schedule, but it’s … [Read more...]

SmartBear Brings Cross-Browser Test Automation to the Masses with the Launch of Record & Replay

What's the Scoop?   We are excited to announce the recent addition of Record & Replay to CrossBrowserTesting! CrossBrowserTesting is the only all-in-one testing platform for running automated, visual, and manual tests on thousands of real desktop and mobile browsers. … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycles

In the battle between speed vs quality, teams that practice test automation know that there’s a practical way to aim for both. However, while testing inherently places value on precise observation and careful consideration over making mistakes for the benefit of speed, how … [Read more...]

From 0 to 100: How to Get Into Automated Testing as a Manual Tester

Test automation is all the rage these days, but breaking into the role of an automation engineer is challenging, and sometimes it might seem like more trouble than it’s worth. When there’s still a clear need for manual testing, what’s the point of you uprooting your current … [Read more...]

New 451 Research Report Details Best Practices for Managing Test Environments

There has been a lot of discussion in the market lately about test environments and how best to leverage them to expand test coverage and speed up delivery cycles.  Test environments are a crucial part of any development process as they set the stage for efficiently … [Read more...]

CrossBrowserTesting @SeleniumConf

CrossBrowserTesting will be exhibiting at SeleniumConf this week. If you’re at the event be sure to stop by booth #1 to meet the team and get the inside scoop on what’s new. In addition, if you tweet your URL to @xbrowsertesting, we’ll reply with automated screenshots and a … [Read more...]

Techniques to Advance Your Testing – Environments Edition

Last week we held our SmartBear Academy 301 class for QAComplete, which is a free training session meant to cover advanced topics and introduce new ideas to our QAComplete customers. This particular session, however, had some great concepts applicable to a wide audience that … [Read more...]