Source Control and Code Review: What Developers Need to Know

I can think back to times in my career that the source control that I was using (or not using) made me a cranky, unhappy human being. Years and years ago, there was the time that a co-worker accidentally left all of the files in the codebase checked out through Visual … [Read more...]

What a Software Audit Means for You

“We’re being audited.” Now there’s a sentence to strike fear into anyone’s heart. The most famous and iconic example of an audit is the dreaded IRS audit. This audit is the IRS’s way of saying, “you did something wrong during the course of an extremely byzantine process … [Read more...]

How Collaboration Humanizes the Enterprise

I’ve spent enough time walking the halls of large-ish-to-massive organizations to have formed some opinions and made some observations. If I had to characterize the motor that drives these beasts, I’d say it is comprised of two main components: intense risk aversion and … [Read more...]

The Secret to Code Quality in 2016 [Infographic]

SmartBear Software conducted a global survey looking at how software teams are maintaining code quality in 2016. The State of Code Quality 2016 report includes responses from 600+ software professionals in 30+ industries on development teams ranging from 1-5 employees to … [Read more...]

How Dev Teams Are Improving Code Quality in 2016

How satisfied are you with the quality of software you help build? That was one of the burning questions we asked more than 600 software professionals in our State of Code Quality 2016 survey. It’s a question that dev teams are being asked to answer on a continuous … [Read more...]

The State of Code Quality 2016: Trends & Insight into Dev Collaboration [Report]

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that code quality is a top concern for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Every company — from the smallest business to the largest enterprise organization — runs on software. Whether you’re a tech company that develops a consumer … [Read more...]

How Enterprises Can Miss The Point on Code Reviews

If you work for a smallish company, as part of a modestly sized software development group, the path to a code review policy is likely a short, direct one. It could be as simple as a respected team member or the manager saying, "hey, let's start doing code review." But … [Read more...]

What Does Code Quality Really Mean?

Let's say that you wanted a definitive explanation, once and for all, as to what constitutes code quality. You might take to google and type "definition of code quality," which would yield a post from this very blog as well as a sampling of Q&A sites. For the purposes … [Read more...]

Why Your Code Isn’t as Secure as You Think (And What You Can Do About It)

How well do you know your code? It sounds like a strange question, but please indulge me. Maybe you’re a manager or business analyst. If this is the case, you ‘know’ the code through a translation layer in which the developers in your organization explain what it does. … [Read more...]

Does GitHub Enhance the Need for Code Review?

In 1999, a man named Eric S. Raymond published a book called, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar." In this book, he introduced a pithy phrase, "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow," that he named Linus' Law after Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Raymond was calling out … [Read more...]