3 of the Biggest Mistakes Software Testers Make When Reusing Tests

  I was working at a financial services software company in the early days of User Interface automation frameworks. We decided that automating the GUI was the way to go, and immersed in developing the framework and our own tests. The goal of automating our … [Read more...]

Software Test Documentation: How Much Detail Do You Really Need?

When I started my first job in software testing, there wasn't any formal training available, but there was plenty of advice from management that more detail is always better. So we made ourselves useful while waiting for new features and builds, writing detailed … [Read more...]

Selenium in 2016: What Testers Need to Know About the Current State and Future of Selenium

Web is undergoing dramatic changes which continue to alter the way automated tests need to created and maintained. An example of the intricate nature of web is the increasing usage of Web Components (Templates, Shadow DOM, and Custom Elements), which are often leveraged … [Read more...]

3 Resources to Help You Become a Better Tester in 2016

Software testers have a lot on their plate in 2016. Today, testers need to test applications across multiple platforms. They need to ensure they are meeting the high standards being set by consumers and app stores. And they need to run an increasing number of tests — … [Read more...]

5 Trends Software Testers Should Keep an Eye on in 2016

Software testers had a lot to keep up with in 2015. And as you may expect, 2016 won’t be any different. As we start the New Year, we wanted to share five predictions for new trends and developments in the world of software testing in 2016. 1. Python will continue to grow … [Read more...]