A Guide to Getting More Out of Your TestComplete Tests

Granting a final approval on the release of an application is often a tricky process. This is primarily because an application’s quality, and its ability to meet originally specified business requirements, entails having visibility across a variety of tests — including … [Read more...]

STAREAST Recap: Dot Graham on Test Automation Patterns, Testing Challenges, and Zombie Tests

We had the privilege to catch up with Dorothy (Dot) Graham at this year’s STAREAST Software Testing Conference. With more than 40 years of experience in the software testing industry, Dot has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for software … [Read more...]

STAREAST Recap: Fostering Long-Term Test Automation Success

This week, we are sharing our favorite interviews from the STAREAST Software Testing Conference, which took place May 2-6 in Orlando, Florida. In today’s video interview, we caught up with Carl Nagle, principal software developer at SAS Institute. Carl discusses how the … [Read more...]

Managing Test Flakiness: How to Make Tests Stable, Scalable, & Maintainable

Building and maintaining automated tests can often be challenging and cumbersome. In fact, the term “flaky” is often associated with tests — especially tests created at the UI layer. Even the smallest amount of changes in the UI can cause automated tests created at the … [Read more...]

Bringing Dev & Test Together to Resolve Common Selenium Testing Challenges [Infographic]

At the start of 2016, SmartBear Software held a special web testing webinar: Web Testing & Selenium: The Current State and Future Possibilities. More than 640 people showed up to learn about using Selenium for web testing in 2016. During the webinar, we surveyed … [Read more...]

Better Web Testing with Selenium

Ten years after its introduction, Selenium is arguably the most popular open source testing tool, and for good reason. Not only is it free and open, Selenium is also fully feature and browser-neutral. Change a single variable in the code, and the same Selenium code that … [Read more...]

Introducing TestLeft: Giving Developers the Power to Test Within Standard IDEs

Organizations are increasingly adopting an Agile development approach to shorten the product delivery cycle and release high quality applications in a predictable fashion. Testing in these short Agile iterations often necessitates a “shift left” approach What does it … [Read more...]

A Closer Look at the Current State & Future Possibilities for Web Testing and Selenium

Web is undergoing dramatic changes which continue to alter the way automated tests are created and maintained. An example of the intricate nature of web is the increased usage of Web Components (Templates, Shadow DOM, and Custom Elements), which are often leveraged while … [Read more...]

Why Organizations Need to Bridge the Gap Between Dev and QA

Over the years we’ve seen a push in the software industry for tighter release schedules and a more agile development process. As a result, departments that used to function independently in a waterfall development environment are now working more closely together in an … [Read more...]

How Developers and Testers Can Work Together to Overcome the Challenge of Object Recognition

Webpages are fickle. Right when I think I know where everything is a label changes, a button is moved a couple of pixels to somewhere completely different in the page. For the last year or so, I have been working full time on a project building automated checks for a user … [Read more...]