[Webinar] An Analyst’s Viewpoint on the Value of Service Virtualization

Have you heard of service virtualization? Do you understand the immense power behind it? Service virtualization enables you to speed delivery with parallel development and testing. You’re able to start developing and testing immediately, well before your actual API is deliverable.Additionally, you can simulate 3rd party services to decouple your own process from time-boxed access to external systems, overcome rate limits/ overage charges, and quickly isolate poor performers during integration and load testing.

Interested in learning more? Join us tomorrow as, Theresa Lanowitz, Head Analyst & co-founder at Voke Inc., and Gail Shlansky, Director of Products at SmartBear, discuss the key business drivers behind adopting service virtualization:

  • Increasing team confidence
  • Improving productivity for everyone
  • Saving money

Webinar: Delivering Software Faster by Removing Dependencies with Service Virtualization 
Date: Thursday, October 26th
Time: 10 AM or 2 PM ET
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