Uptime is critical to the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts

The American Red Cross is an organization known for its ability to provide rapid response to worldwide events. Since 1881, the American Red Cross has built and maintained its reliable operations. Resources, volunteers, communication and supplies must be available on-demand to be deployed across the globe. You may remember reading our previous blog post highlighting three things any tech team could learn from the Red Cross, like strengthening an IT infrastructure for speed, reliability and availability.

At the core of the Red Cross disaster relief efforts is its internal SharePoint system, made up of 2,500 websites that Red Cross employees and volunteers rely on to transfer information between volunteers on the ground and officials at the Washington, D.C. Disaster Operations Center. These sites receive about 20 million hits a month. Back in October, following a number of devastating natural disasters in Indonesia, the Philippines, American Samoa, and Samoa, the Red Cross came to AlertSite because they needed to ensure these internal websites were operating at full capacity without any downtime.

We quickly deployed DéjàClick so the Red Cross could monitor the end user experience and receive immediate notifications if a site’s response time or availability fell below a determined threshold. The Red Cross technical SharePoint team quickly realized that many of the sites were being overloaded with traffic. They were able to respond by scaling the load to improve performance during this critical time and ensure users from anywhere in the world could access the websites and valuable resources.

If you’d like to read more about how our AlertSite solutions are being used as part of the Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts, we’ve posted the full case study.

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