SmartBear Software Acquires AlertSite

We had an extraordinary event here at AlertSite at the end of last week. AlertSite has joined the SmartBear Software family. I personally consider this to be a huge positive for AlertSite and what we will be able to accomplish for customers moving forward together.

AlertSite has become a leader in the Web Application Performance Monitoring industry and that will continue unabated. In fact, I fully expect that the additional management, talent and resources will help us deliver more meaningful product faster.

SmartBear Software provides enterprise-class, affordable tools that deliver quality and performance throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Together we will be enabling application quality and performance from the development phase through QA, user acceptance testing and production performance monitoring.

It will be business as usual in AlertSite’s Coconut Creek offices as we become the Southernmost outpost of SmartBear Software. All of our operations, support, product management and development resources are here working to keep making AlertSite’s products better than they have ever been.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to be a part of the joint company’s success as well as the success of all of our customers.

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