Slow website? 6 ways to speed it up

As we’ve witnessed this week, slow websites can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among online shoppers. And for businesses, the results can be damaging: lost customers and revenue.

Those of you who caught our webinar with Bojan Simic of TRAC Research this summer know that the cost of one hour of website downtime is $20,000. Meanwhile, one hour of slowdowns can cost $4,000. Don’t be fooled into thinking this number is insignificant, however. Website delays are 10 times more likely to occur than a full-on outage, making the business and financial impact of a slowdown twice as large.

Given these implications, I recently wrote an article for, offering readers six tips for speeding up their websites. Some of the ideas we’ve discussed before, but I also included some new information and advice for you to consider. I encourage you to check it out.

What are you doing to ensure Web performance issues aren’t impacting your business performance?

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