AlertSite reports on World Cup performance: Week 4

With only two games left, it’s hard to believe we’ve been watching the World Cup (many of us online) for almost a full month now. After a somewhat rocky start on June 11, the performance of websites airing and reporting the games settled down and remained relatively consistent in Week 2. Last week’s performance was not nearly as rosy, however. If you recall, half of the sites experienced their worst availability and response times of the tournament.

So what happened in Week 4?

AlertSite_WorldCupPerformance_Week4,,, and experienced the most impressive victories. These five sites were available for their users 100 percent of the time.

Some of the biggest performance blips were experienced on Wednesday following Germany’s loss to Spain. reported its slowest response times immediately following this match. You can also see the spikes and increased response times experienced by on this date.


These examples again demonstrate the effect increased traffic and activity can have on a site’s performance. It’s no surprise that as the excitement grows, websites need to deliver optimal results to retain visitors.

Check back next week when we’ll review performance throughout the entire month-long tournament and crown one website winner for the best and most consistent World Cup coverage and site availability.

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