Cyber Monday 2013 Recap [Infographic]

Cyber Monday 2013 will go in the the books as the biggest online shopping day in the history of the Web. This year consumers spent over $2 Billion, pushing past many predictions while simultaneously raising the stakes for next year.

Our Cyber Monday infographic explains the origins of the biggest shopping day of the year, the unbelievable growth it’s experienced since its beginnings in 2005, and several key performance considerations online retailers need to keep in mind throughout the remainder of the holiday season. Plus, discover who won this year’s Cyber Monday Biggest Loser award.


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  1. I don’t understand some numbers: You say 55% of all e-retail traffic occurred on a mobile device and after that you say 32% of all online traffic was mobile traffic? Could you elaborate on this?

  2. Andrew McHugh says:

    I think that the ‘55% of all e-retail traffic’ stat you’re referring to is from the ‘Fun Fact’ section, which was pointing out that 55% of all e-retail traffic in June came from mobile devices. This was the first time that mobile traffic to e-retail sites surpassed traditional desktop traffic in a given month.

    The stat that reads ‘Mobile traffic grew to 32% of all online traffic’ refers specifically to traffic on Cyber Monday 2013.

    The two stats were included to show the overall growth in mobile e-retail traffic.

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