Rockstar Games – After the Love Has Gone for PC Gamers


Let the uproar among soccer moms and our politically correct mass media outlets begin! A new full-fledged GTA (Grand Theft Auto) has been released into the wild and with it comes the media circus that surrounds it about how we are corrupting our children’s minds with filth and building a society where stealing cop cars and blowing up doughnut shops is morally decent. Unfortunately for the GTA haters out there, I’m not here to dump on the violence in GTA. In fact, I’m a big fanboy of the whole series, with one small exception – I wish they would give a little more love to PC gamers.

When you approach GTA as a critical gamer, the immerse game play gives you plenty to take in. Rockstar Games has always been able to impress with this series and build new benchmarks for competition in the game industry to surpass.

There has, however, been a bit of backlash from GTA fans in past releases – and this release should be no different.

Firstly, I’m an avid PC gamer, so it should be of no surprise the last console I bought was the PS2. To put this into perspective, my friend gave me a red-ringed Xbox360 in otherwise great condition about six months ago and I’ve yet been motivated to spend the $60 to get it repaired. Why would I bother when every game I actually care about on Xbox or Playstation is released on PC anyways? Not to mention that I can build a PC that has equivalent (or better) hardware than the next generation of gaming consoles for close to the same price.

As for GTA, I played IV on my friend’s Xbox and I probably will do the same for GTA V, because I refuse to buy a gaming console when I have a perfectly good PC built for gaming.

The point is that gamers, whether they are console or PC gamers, are a very sensitive and divisive group. By releasing such a popular game for some platforms and not others you risk the chances of alienating a whole market. PC gaming is one colossal market, and probably not one you want to alienate. So maybe it’s not such a bad idea that Rockstar is not considering a PC release of this game at this time, since they offended every PC user who was a GTA fan last time around with their hideous port from console to PC.

Why is Rockstar Ignoring the PC?

Frankly, Rockstar has been horrible at porting games to the PC and I actually find it quite annoying since I am such a big fan of their games. GTA IV worked almost seamlessly on the consoles, but when they released it for PC the game was riddled with performance and graphics issues.


It’s as if they neglected the whole testing process when they were porting to the PC. If they can build such a huge hit of a game that brings in a ridiculous amount of revenue for them, why can’t they spend a little extra to make a good port to the PC?

Well, apparently PC gamers aren’t getting any love this time around either. Despite a handful of rumors and a leak from NVIDIA (which was later rescinded), Rockstar continues to say they will not release GTA V for the PC. I guess the software pirates and angry PC gamers got to them.

How very Microsoft of you, Rockstar.

If you are purely a PC gamer, you may feel a little better signing this petition by That’s right, PC gamers are so angry right now at being slighted by Rockstar Games they have used a website usually dedicated for political change to make their voices heard.  What a world we live in!

There is another theory: Rockstar doesn’t want to say anything about a PC release until they have a well-tested and respectable port to PC.

Unlike with GTA IV, where they released it in such a sad state and followed up with a series of patches, maybe they saw they want to make sure GTA V is done right this time around. There actually have been reports of proof in the hacked Xbox360 version of GTA V of a PC version. If this is in fact true, we are dealing with some very illusive developers.

Of course this is all speculation, but I’d like to believe that video game companies see PC gamers equal to their console counterparts because, guess what, I’m still not buying a PS3 or fixing that red-ringed Xbox360. I will stand strong with my fellow PC gamers and never back down, because we all know consoles are eventually going to be a thing of the past.

What do you think? Would you rather see a low quality PC release in the next few months, or are you willing to wait out the speculation and keep your fingers crossed for a high quality product next year? And how would your company deal with a similar situation? Would you put out a low quality product and try to patch it later, or would you miss deadlines to ensure that you were only giving your customers the best of the best? Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. “Not to mention that I can build a PC that has equivalent (or better) hardware than the next generation of gaming consoles for the fraction of the price.” I don’t agree on that point, playing PC games usually costs more in hardware. The benefit is you can upgrade your PC in increments, thus delaying the investment necessary but overall it is still more expensive to get a decent machine working with most recent games.

    • Gregory Mooney says:

      HI Ben,

      I agree on your angle and for most that would not be possible. It would be dependent on the context of that person’s situation. Whether they have peripherals or extra parts, etc. 🙂

      However, I can’t agree that I could not build a decent machine that plays the most recent games with a $400-$500 budget. (The PS4 is going to be $400, so I may have exaggerated by up to $100 give or take) Of course, you would have to sacrifice some component quality, such as a power supply, HDD, and RAM but that isn’t to say it can’t be done.

      I’ve seen AM3+ 8 core processors for around $150, harddrives and RAM are cheap and should only cost you around $100 – though I can usually get this stuff used for a fraction of the price. The Micro ATX motherboard for an AM3+ chip I’ve seen as cheap as $50. That leaves you $100+ for a power supply and gpu if you were to meet the $400 limit, which would be the price of the PS4 when it is released in Novemeber.

      For an extra $100 you could exceed the specs of the PS4.

      However, I did not consider peripherals when I wrote that, but then again we wouldn’t include a decent HDTV in the price of a PS4.

      Thanks for the comment though. You got me researching on hardware which can only lead with me buying another gaming machine.

      • You did claim a “fraction” of the price in the original article, not equivalent price. I’m with other Ben on this, I don’t think this is a relevant point. OK, so you can build a relatively crappy PC that is roughly the match for a console at a similar price, but why is this really a reason to dislike consoles so much? I can definitely understand why, having spent a load of money on a high-spec gaming PC, you don’t want to also buy a console for a small number of titles not on PC, though – although a mere $60 is surely worth it? After all, nobody gets to play all titles on a single platform, and I don’t see why the PC should be any different.

        • Gregory Mooney says:

          Thanks, Ben. I agree that I shouldn’t have said “fraction” if I meant “close to the same price” and I’ve made the change to the article.

  2. I hate consoles..deeply. Games are to be controlled by a keyboard and mouse, period !

    • Wow… I am SO glad I can enjoy games from the comfort of my sofa using a nice comfortable gamepad, rather than an awkward keyboard and mouse (which I get more than enough of when I’m developing)! It’s a case of horses for course, I guess….

  3. I thought GTA 5 was supposed to come out for PC in a few months? I hope so.

    Otherwise you all should just play League of Legends! There is a reason its the most popular game in the world!

  4. Gage Vaughn says:

    My personal opinion is, of course, siding with PC. One great thing about PC is that we don’t have to wait years and years for a hardware update like consoles do. We want an update? We get one in how ever fast shipping we can afford. Also, on steam (if you use that) there is at least one game on sale every day and not to mention the steam summer sale. Thirdly, if you play more demanding games, like the new Battlefield 4, you won’t have a bunch of squeakers violating your ear drums because I don’t know any parent that would buy someone young enough to have that kind of voice a PC that can run that kind of game. Lastly, we have a huge modding community so once we’re done (I’ll use Skyrim as an example) with the story and get bored of side quests our game can go on and on and on. On a last, run-of-the-mill fanboy note, the graphics are better.

  5. HonestJohnnis says:

    Just give us single player.. having played gtao I can tell you, you definitely don’t want anything to do with that mess. Rockstar is becoming another EA.

  6. Rockstar is dead to me. Their fear of pirates have reflected very what they value the most. I’ve pre-ordered Watchdogs, i think it would be a good replacement, big respect to Ubisoft, i start loving this company more and more.

  7. PC Gamer says:

    They effectively had three releases for GTA V: the 360 and PS3 release, Xbox1 and PS4 release, and finally the PC release. It’s a marketing strategy to get people to buy multiple and improved versions of the same game.

    I stopped caring about waiting for the PC version after 6 months of the first console release. It kinda pissed me off, and if I do buy GTA V for PC, then it will definitely be from ebay or Craigslist in order to ensure that Rockstar makes zero profit from me. I was willing to pay Rockstar full price for the PC version but not anymore after that treatment.

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  9. A console is built solely for gamming, you don’t expect a PC to have better graphics or gameplay. Irrespective of the graphic card in use PC are NEVER going to run games as soomthly as consoles.

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  11. They’ve permanently alienated me. I’ve played GTA since GTA 1 on the PC. For GTA IV, they delayed the release by 6 months and released a shoddy port, forcing us to install nonsense like Rockstar Social Club and Games for Windows. For GTA V, it got worse! A TWO YEAR DELAY??? That’s the equivalent of 50 years in gaming. There’s only ONE reason they’re doing this. To milk the console market for what it’s worth. Ideally, the braindead GTA fan would rush out and buy a PS3 or XBOX 360 version cause they couldn’t wait. Then a year and a half later, they’d buy a PS4 or XBOX One version for the upgraded graphics. Then, they’d buy the PC version for the mods.

    Fat freaking chance! No Way this gamer buys ANYTHING. In fact, Rockstar has conditioned me to disappointment so well that I don’t even care about GTA V. It’s $36 now on the December 2015 Steam Sale and you can kiss my as. I’m not buying this until it hits $9.99 or less. Hey Rockstar, I just spent $60 each on NBA 2k and Fallout 4 – gave them money 5 months BEFORE THE GAME WAS RELEASED. Why? Because they don’t treat PC users like garbage.

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