The Secret to Code Quality in 2016 [Infographic]

The Secret to Code Quality IMG

SmartBear Software conducted a global survey looking at how software teams are maintaining code quality in 2016.

The State of Code Quality 2016 report includes responses from 600+ software professionals in 30+ industries on development teams ranging from 1-5 employees to 50+.

The report provides insight into the different tools and processes used by development teams to maintain code quality.  

Code review is looked at as the #1 way for development teams to improve code quality. Code review is being done in a number of different forms, including over-the-shoulder, meeting-based, and tool-based code review.

They are also using a variety of tools throughout the development lifecycle — including bug tracking, repository management, and requirements management tools.

The infographic below takes a look at these tools and processes, and shares insight into the secret of code quality in 2016.


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Learn more about the state of code quality in 2016. Read the full report.


  1. Hi ! This is Great infographic on code quality information. Can you suggest any code quality review service(s) free or paid ? As me and my partner are looking out to get our website code quality tested. Waiting to hear back !

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