Building an Agile Team: How to Organize Your Team [Video]

One of the key components of building an agile team is making sure your organization is staffed with the right people to execute on your goals. As Jillian Haffner, Director of Cloud Solutions & Integrations at Turbine/Warner Brothers Games, and Jennifer Davis, … [Read more...]

5 Trends Software Testers Should Keep an Eye on in 2016

Software testers had a lot to keep up with in 2015. And as you may expect, 2016 won’t be any different. As we start the New Year, we wanted to share five predictions for new trends and developments in the world of software testing in 2016. 1. Python will continue to grow … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Getting Coal This Holiday? Get our Performance Checklist

‘Tis the season to spread love and joy, but most importantly SHOP. It’s the peak time for retail and related industries.  According to a survey by, some smart shoppers started their research early this year, before Labor Day weekend, while others are still … [Read more...]

What is your Agile Development Jedi Rank?

You may think you know all about Agile methodology, but this quiz will challenge you to prove it! Are you an Agile Jedi Master Yoda or an Agile Jedi Padawan? Enter to win a $250 gift card by sharing your results over Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Mentioning @SmartBear … [Read more...]

Better Safe Than Sorry: Why Risk Analysis is a Must "We tend to fortify ourselves. We build our defenses and we make this arsenal of tools test cases because we don't want to fail. What's not so obvious is then to say, "Okay, where else … [Read more...]

Performance in Front

I remember working on a subscription-based website ("Software as a Service", or "SaaSy") designed to help sales people put new deals together. It had been a few weeks since we cleaned up the database; the display tables on the web forms were getting bigger and bigger, while … [Read more...]

Test Management Pitfalls

How we plan, store, consider, execute, and report test results - test management, doesn't start off hard. We start off with a blank slate. If all our projects are small - released in a few months and rarely touched, then it is possible that the test management process stays … [Read more...]

Archive to Zip Functionality Ensures Long Term Data Retention for Code Reviews

We’re excited to announce Collaborator 9.3, the latest release of SmartBear’s peer code & document review tool. Many companies find that it is difficult to provide clear proof that peer code reviews are happening or have happened within their teams.  Often time’s … [Read more...]

Quality Conversations on Financial Technology and API Culture in London

An event like APIdays London proves that it’s not always a bad thing to show up to an event underdressed. Last week at APIdays London, the sessions were well attended by both financial business professionals in suits and fellow technical geeks like me in jeans. Aside from … [Read more...]

Fintech and DevOps Collide in London: SmartBear and Sogeti UK

Financial institutions, like other critical service industries such as health care and air travel, have the unique challenge of no room for failure. It’s a bad day if your ATM card doesn’t work. It’s a really bad day if you do a bunch of online trading based on incorrect … [Read more...]