Make The Transition From Manual To Automated API Testing Even Easier With SoapUI Pro 2.4 Update

At SmartBear, we are always striving to create tools for everyone on the development team - that ranges from Product Managers to QA engineers to back-end developers. That's because, for Agile and DevOps teams to be successful, all members of the team need to think about … [Read more...]

What To Do When Chrome Drops Support For Your REST API Testing

Recently, Google announced it will be ending support for apps in the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux. This announcement has a significant impact for anyone interacting directly with REST APIs.  The news puts an end-of-life date to popular Chrome apps like … [Read more...]

Quality Conversations on Financial Technology and API Culture in London

An event like APIdays London proves that it’s not always a bad thing to show up to an event underdressed. Last week at APIdays London, the sessions were well attended by both financial business professionals in suits and fellow technical geeks like me in jeans. Aside from … [Read more...]

How SoapUI Was Created: An Interview with Ole Lensmar

Ole Lensmar, our own CTO at SmartBear, talks about the creation of SoapUI. SoapUI has risen to become the most widely used API testing tool in a market that is expanding quickly. With the accelerated adoption of RESTful APIs, combining with the existing usage of the SOAP … [Read more...]

World’s Best API Monitoring & IoT Testing, Free for Everyone!

This is a truly happy day here at SmartBear, when we get to announce that our existing open source API testing tool, SoapUI, and our own AlertSite monitoring platform are now integrated directly in SoapUI 5.2. SoapUI 5.2 and AlertSite: Better Together What does this mean … [Read more...]

Top 11 Misconceptions About APIs

APIs permeate the connected world, used by technical and non-technical professionals alike. At some point, we all work with APIs, building them, selling them, maintaining them and consuming them. With so many viewpoints and opinions, misconceptions can quickly emerge, … [Read more...]

The API is the Invisible Hand Behind the Internet of Things

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that the scanners at K-mart were manned by little elves. Now I know better. Unlike this fantasy elf-driven world, the application programming interface or API is really the driving force behind today’s scanners, tracking that can of … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Load Test Your API

You know the feeling. You’re surfing along and then BAM! you get the dreaded 503 (Service unavailable) The server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). Do you remember what you were searching for the last time that happened? … [Read more...]

API Security in REST vs SOAP

Web application and API security is paramount to digital exchanges in the connected world: the balance transfer you just made from your bank’s mobile app, those notes your doctor just entered in during your check-up, the password you just sent over SMS;  they all need to be … [Read more...]

Barcelona Speaks Out on APIs, IoT, Hypermedia and More! [Video]

APIdays Mediterranean in Barcelona Spain May 6-7 was far from just another conference. It was a unique experience to have so many talented, passionate, and dedicated professionals all in one place collaborating on APIs, microservices, and hypermedia. I had a chance to chat … [Read more...]