State of Mobile Testing 2014 [Upcoming Webinar]

If you or your company has decided that you need to start developing mobile apps, you’re not alone. According to new research by SmartBear, 89% of software professionals are already involved in deploying apps or plan to in 2014. We’re all focused on mobile. Even those who … [Read more...]

The Pre-History of Software as a Service

Now everyone uses Software as a Service. But we tried this business model before, over a decade ago, and it failed miserably. What changed in cloud computing to make it work today? Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a major end-user platform. Whether the software at … [Read more...]

How Changed the Whole Software Testing Conversation

The website problems that plagued the rollout of Obamacare shoved the topic of software testing into the mainstream conversation. If you're anything like me, you've spent most of your adult life having your family members describe your career as "something in software." … [Read more...]

For Technical Support Teams: A Short Guide to User Personalities

Most people associate “profiling” with negative behaviors, but categorizing users by background and interest isn’t a bad thing. Developers have long used user personas to design software that addresses each user’s need. Smart business people use profiling to read the people … [Read more...]

Why Quality is Eating Software

By now, we’ve all read about Marc Andreesen’s idea that "software is eating the world," and the majority of us recognize that we live this every day. Our daily lives are powered by software in ways we don’t even bother to think about anymore. If you're tapped into the API … [Read more...]

A Software Tester’s Perspective | Martin Hynie

When you’re on a plane, do you ever think about the software that is needed to fly and maintain an aircraft effectively? Software testers do. The importance of testing software, especially when it correlates with the safety of people, is unmatched in the software development … [Read more...]

United Airlines Hands Out Free Tickets Due to Software Bug

UPDATE 10/15/13: United Airlines tickets are being sold again for cheap by using a "Mileage Plus" loophole. It seems they have fixed the issue at this time but is it fair not to honor tickets to those users who found a possibly costly defect on United Airline's … [Read more...]

What Can We Learn from Diana Nyad’s Support Team?

“I’m more of a human spirit story than a sports story.” ~Diana Nyad during her interview with CBS this morning. Diana Nyad’s unbelievable, arduous, and triumphant 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 65 totally floored me. As a swimmer and triathlete, I know … [Read more...]

5 Signs That Your Team Member Wants a Promotion (as told by Star Trek)

At one point in the classic Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror," Mirror Chekov waylays Captain Kirk. As he points his phaser at James T. Awesome, he says, "So you die, Captain, and we all move up in rank." I’m not just telling you this just because I like peppering … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons to the Steve Jobs School of Project Management

Whether you believe he was a genius or a lunatic, there's no denying that Steve Jobs was an innovator. His ideas molded the way that present and future generations interact of personal computers, telephones and music. However, behind the cutting-edge products and the … [Read more...]