Getting That New Tool Past The “Gate Keeper”

You’re part of a software development group, and you’re surrounded by techies like yourself – people that get excited about new ideas, approaches, tools, frameworks, and languages.  But then there’s the guy on your team with the seniority.  Let’s call him Crusty. And he's … [Read more...]

Best Practices of Context-Driven Testing

First of all, before anyone’s head explodes, let me explain what I mean by “Best Practices.” I know that, particularly in the realm of context-driven testing, this term is looked upon as a major misnomer that is only spewed by the ignorant and uneducated. But I don’t think … [Read more...]

Testers Should Enable Projects and Empower Developers

In this video, Dawn Haynes, Principal Trainer and Consultant at PerfTestPlus, Inc., explains why it is crucial for testers to give both positive and negative feedback constructively and gives advice for testing teams  who are trying to avoid being "project boat … [Read more...]

Software Testing is a People Problem

In this clip from an interview at the SmartBear office, Keith Klain, COO at Doran Jones, explains why it's important to understand the "people" side of testing, and how he, as a manager, tries to get people to approach the massive complexity -- and mathematical impossibility … [Read more...]

Hunt for Information, Not Bugs

In this video, Dawn Haynes explains why it is so important for testers to focus on understanding the context of a project and providing useful information to stakeholders rather than spending countless hours attempting to track down every single bug they possibly … [Read more...]

Ever Wonder Who Invented the Cleanroom?

There wasn't always an industry standard approach to protected computing environments. Rather, the clean room was pioneered by one man, who's being posthumously honored by the Inventors’ Hall of Fame. In the 1960s, the United States’ biggest political enemy was the Soviet … [Read more...]

Testing is Human Nature

It’s no surprise (to me, anyway) that my 5-year-old twin nephews gave me pause once again this Christmas as I watched them play with one of their new toys. Each of them got a robot fish that turns on automatically when it senses it is in water (ah, the days of bathtub … [Read more...]

Ask Stupid Questions First (so you can get better answers later)

Interaction with users can help drive product decisions, but getting from conversations with users to tangible customer data can still be a big mystery. Here are three steps for getting from a casual, interview-esque conversation with a handful of target users to concrete … [Read more...]

AQtime 8.2: Improved Sampling Profiler, Windows 8.1 Integration, and Licensing on Hyper-V Servers

AQtime 8.2 Today, SmartBear is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AQtime version 8.2 - a minor release that includes profiler and platform updates as well as a number of bug fixes. We hope these changes will help you more efficiently optimize your … [Read more...]

Xen and the Art of Project Management

Your open source project is one of thousands, so how do  you help its community grow? Start with project management, great documentation, and a road map. At LinuxCon North America, held September 16-18 in New Orleans, community manager Lars Kurth presented a case study … [Read more...]