Archive to Zip Functionality Ensures Long Term Data Retention for Code Reviews

We’re excited to announce Collaborator 9.3, the latest release of SmartBear’s peer code & document review tool. Many companies find that it is difficult to provide clear proof that peer code reviews are happening or have happened within their teams.  Often time’s … [Read more...]

AlertSite UXM – Revolutionizing User Experience

  The SmartBear team is thrilled to announce our new application quality and performance management platform: AlertSite UXM. This SaaS platform was designed with our customers' best interests in mind in order to allow them to deliver superior end user experiences … [Read more...]

Can Your Tool Test Itself? SoapUI 5.0 Can!

I've heard that, Sweden's largest second-hand sales website, (similar to Craigslist in the U.S.) has 45 developers and two testers. That sounds surprisingly low, considering they release new versions daily - or maybe just because of that fact. On the other … [Read more...]

TestComplete 10.1 Released with Real-Device Support for iOS

To meet the demand of our users and to increase mobile test coverage across multiple platforms, SmartBear is happy to announce iOS support as part of our award-winning TestComplete product. The new TestComplete 10.1 release now supports real-device test automation for iOS … [Read more...]

AQtime 8.2: Improved Sampling Profiler, Windows 8.1 Integration, and Licensing on Hyper-V Servers

AQtime 8.2 Today, SmartBear is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AQtime version 8.2 - a minor release that includes profiler and platform updates as well as a number of bug fixes. We hope these changes will help you more efficiently optimize your … [Read more...]

Inviting a Colleague to a Review Through Conversations

Many code review tools are lenient in that they allow you to do many things with the tool as long as certain people review the code in front of them. In contrast, many of our customers chose Collaborator because of the way you can customize workflows, determining who must … [Read more...]

SoapUI – Another Step Forward

We released SoapUI 4.6.1 a few weeks ago - thank you SoapUI team! But as soon as 4.6.1 was out we started working on 4.6.2, which is coming soon. We want to share some of those things with you, including more REST testing improvements! The Next Big Thing We have started … [Read more...]

DejaClick for Google Chrome is Here!

Yes, that's right, you heard it, DejaClick has come to Chrome and it’s now available for free in the Chrome Store. This is our first public beta of the DejaClick for Google Chrome and we are eager to get it into the hands of users to get some real world experience.  Why … [Read more...]

Enhanced Collaboration Integration with IBM’s Rational Team Concert

With Collaborator 8.2, we enhanced Collaborator’s integration with IBM’s Rational Team Concert (RTC). This work was based primarily on input from several customers that use both products. We received immeasurable help from IBM, too. There were five main issues that we … [Read more...]

Using the New ‘Host Configurator’ in LoadUIWeb 2.9

As part of our ongoing mission to make performance testing as easy as possible, we've added a "host configurator" to both LoadUIWeb and LoadUIWeb Pro. The host configurator enables a tester to accomplish three things very quickly and easily: Change a host globally within … [Read more...]