Pros and Cons to the Steve Jobs School of Project Management

Whether you believe he was a genius or a lunatic, there's no denying that Steve Jobs was an innovator. His ideas molded the way that present and future generations interact of personal computers, telephones and music. However, behind the cutting-edge products and the … [Read more...]

How Riot Games Used Open Source to Rework Its Software Infrastructure

Life at a gaming company isn’t always fun-and-games. It’s also a demanding IT environment with a huge amount of data to manage. Using various Hadoop open source tools, the gaming company behind League of Legends supported hypergrowth and delivered more timely … [Read more...]

API Craft Detroit: Day 2

As I explained yesterday in my recap of the first day of API Craft Detroit, this whole conference experience was a completely unique one.  Sure, the end result will most likely be the same as most API conferences I've been to, but the means that we took to get to that end … [Read more...]

API Craft Detroit: Day One in the Books

What is it about this API Craft Conference that makes it unique? Well, it's in the Midwest, there are no set speakers, there is no planned agenda and the organizers started off day one by serving us chicken and waffles. Sound interesting yet? I must admit, I wasn't sure … [Read more...]

Google I/O Android News: Location, Location, Location (Plus Cloud Messaging and Bluetooth)

At the Google I/O Conference, the company announced new APIs that every developer should know about – especially those who care about location services, cloud messaging and Bluetooth. In prior years, Google has used its I/O Conference to announce a new version of … [Read more...]

Cloudy with Scattered Outages – Dropbox #FAIL

The more we leverage the cloud, the more we come to expect that we can get to our information (and everyone else's) any time... anywhere. So what happens when we lose that access? Twitter explodes - that's … [Read more...]

Announcing MeetUI – SoapUI’s First User Conference

Yep, that's right. MeetUI by SmartBear, our first ever user conference for SoapUI Pro and Open Source users around the world, will take place on May 23 in our lovely Stockholm office (and online)! Attendees of this half-day conference are invited to partake in a variety … [Read more...]

SmartBear Reaches 5 Million Downloads

What do SmartBear and Minecraft for Xbox 360 have in common? Both have reached an impressive 5 million downloads, and then some! And while SmartBear doesn’t develop games, we do create the testing and DevOps tools that make software quality a reality for more than 1,000,000 … [Read more...]

Software Quality Connection – A New Online Community for Software Developers, Quality Assurance and IT Professionals

Expert opinions, articles and peer-to-peer conversations from the software development trenches Beverly, MA, March 21, 2011 – Software Quality Connection, a new online community focused on the interests of software developers, testers and IT professionals in the … [Read more...]