SmartBear Opens New APAC Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia

On July 24th we announced our new Asia-Pacific region (APAC) Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia! We’re experiencing tremendous international growth for our software quality tools, and we want to make sure we meet our international customers’ needs. Did you know that 37 … [Read more...]

When Twitter Falls Down, Do You Stay Up? What Developers Can Learn from Twitter’s Latest Outage

Not even the social media mogul Twitter is immune to outages. Beginning just after 2am EST on Tuesday, a wide-spread outage gave the world a lengthy opportunity to ask: What would the world be like without Twitter? For one, we’d probably all have a lot more time on our … [Read more...]

Swagger Introduces the Open API Initiative

-This is a repost from Tony Tam's blog post on Swagger creator Tony Tam has joined SmartBear recently, after Smartbear acquired Swagger earlier this year. SmartBear is excited to sponsor The Open API initiative to help further innovation in the API space.  I’m … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Test Rigging: Who’s to Blame for Cheating Software? Part 2

Ways in which regulators can find scandalous audit logs As Volkswagen’s emission scandal has widened, its share price has tanked and the company has set aside approximately $7.3 billion to cover the costs related to the scandal including recalls. Their market cap has … [Read more...]

August’s SmartBear Community News Journal

We are happy to announce that our SmartBear Community News Journal for August has been rolled out! SmartBear's Community is home to our large and continually growing base of SmartBear Product users. You'll find answers to your testing, development and performance … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Test Rigging: Who’s to Blame for Cheating Software?

Emissions scandal audit logs hold the key to prove any wrongdoing on CEO Martin Winterkorn’s part Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn stepped down as the company is trying to cope with the heat for cheating on emission tests, thwarting environmental standards. Winterkorn … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons To Work At SmartBear

Looking for a company with an open, fun and collaborative culture? How about a place that prides itself on developing talent, work/life balance and impromptu nerf gun battles? If so, welcome to SmartBear! It was tough, but we managed to narrow down the top 10 reasons why … [Read more...]

Announcing Our New CA API Developer Portal Plugin for Ready! API

As more companies embrace the API economy, there is a growing emphasis on how to structure and present their APIs. Creating a robust developer portal for both internal and external developers is an important part of this process. Designing your developer portal is crucial … [Read more...]

The First Bug Bounty Program for Airlines May Be Detrimental to Customer Safety and Security

In the media debacle that is United Airlines vs. their hacking enemies, one thing is finally clear—United Airlines is finally starting to realize that anyone who can infiltrate their systems may be better off on their side than against them. Last month, a security … [Read more...]

What Build 2015 Means for Testers

I recently wrote about numerous ways through which Windows 10 affects testers. With Build 2015 over with, we now know more specifically how the new OS will affect testers. Android and iOS Mobile Testing for Windows Microsoft has made a strong attempt to woo android and iOS … [Read more...]