Which Platform is Next? All of Them…

First it was PCs. Then the Web. Now it’s mobile. Every developer is concerned about which skills will matter in the next wave. Which platform should they bet on to be relevant? All of them, says Shawn Wildermuth. The last few years seem rife with disruptive … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Beginning App Developers

Making a transition to mobile application development isn’t just a matter of adjusting to a much tinier display screen. If you want to get your software noticed on the Apple App Store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Android Marketplace, or other site where consumers … [Read more...]

Gesture Recognition Moves Beyond Gaming

Whether by hacking or SDK, new gesture-based hardware devices open up interface vistas for software developers. Here’s some ways that you could incorporate gesture technology in your own applications. Or just fantasize about it, perhaps. Gesture recognition holds the … [Read more...]

Re-Thinking User Interface Design for the TV Platform

Think you have finally mastered user interfaces? Ha. Think again. The next big thing is Internet TV, but the difficulty of operating these sites with a handheld remote hampers its adoption. Our job as developers is to modify our UIs to provide access to our features and … [Read more...]

Frontiers in Virtualization for Quality Assurance

QA led the charge to virtualization over the last decade, often teaching other departments about the advantages and pitfalls. With QA now facing the toughest problems it’s had in 30 years, it’s time to wring even more benefits from virtualization. The same goes … [Read more...]

Testing Apps For SmartPhones and Mobile Devices (Without Buying Out the Store)

Testing desktop apps is comparatively straightforward, but there can be dozens of machines for a given mobile OS, each one slightly different in display, controls and usability. Fortunately, there are resources that let you test more easily and affordably. When its QA … [Read more...]

New Over-the-Air mobile monitoring locations and an upcoming mobile webinar

With smartphones becoming mainstream, the success of the iPad and Samsung Galaxy, and the recent onslaught of tablet devices that have hit the market, all businesses need to pay close attention to our mobile strategies and tactics. AlertSite recently expanded our … [Read more...]

6 Top Snags in Mobile Apps

Make mobile applications software testing easier and faster by checking these six problems first! Developing mobile apps is exciting. Getting them ready for market, not so much. Developers aren't happy about the need to test such a vast and growing array of devices and … [Read more...]

The Mobile Website Revival

Should you build a website that’s tuned to run well on mobile devices, or invest in creating an app for the iPhone, Android, or other mobile gizmo? Here’s the tradeoffs. Developers are in for a pleasant surprise in 2011. Jobs and freelance gigs galore are opening … [Read more...]

Safest Career Choices for Developers (If You Don’t Want Your Job To Go Away)

Mobile development’s the way to move. And developers expending their brain juice on Java and Objective C are going to enjoy steady paychecks for a good, long time. Jobs-wise, 2011’s going to be the same suck-fest as in 2010. The grisly data: According to a … [Read more...]