ISO 29119 Debate – A Historical Perspective Part 1

Standardization has been a source of considerable tension between individual, corporate and governing entities since the dawn of industry. The imposition of commercial and industrial standards first started to take off during the Industrial Revolution. In one of the earliest … [Read more...]

How to Disagree without Being Disagreeable

In our jobs as programmers, sometimes you have disagreements with other people about how something should be done. How you handle those disagreements affects your work life, how much you enjoy your job, and your career prospects. Whether it's disputing time estimates with … [Read more...]

Managing Your Mobile Testing Strategy

Test management of mobile applications presents unique challenges that require more thorough planning than most other types of software. Mobile projects are extremely complex, requiring project managers and test managers to plan carefully or risk being late to market - or … [Read more...]

Ask Stupid Questions First (so you can get better answers later)

Interaction with users can help drive product decisions, but getting from conversations with users to tangible customer data can still be a big mystery. Here are three steps for getting from a casual, interview-esque conversation with a handful of target users to concrete … [Read more...]

Code Review: Empowering Collaboration Across Time Zones

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our Collaborator customers – one of the largest and most respected insurance providers in the country. The main point of discussion was about the integration of Collaborator and Rational Team Concert. However, one thing I … [Read more...]

The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory

Standards-making is like sausage making. You need it, but it's ugly. Yet the standards process is the necessary evil behind every technology we rely on. On August 6, 1890, William Kemmler became a victim of an early technology standards war. In the 1880s, the … [Read more...]

Avoiding Sand in the Agile Gas Tank

Most software organizations are some version of Agile. Yet, lingering habits still gum up the works. There are some surprising and obvious-in-retrospect reasons why organizations are not as Agile as they might be. If you want to avoid or minimize Agile challenges, read … [Read more...]

There Ain’t No ROI in Software Testing

Using a return on investment calculation for testing (or test automation) is an error. It’s misuse. It’s kinda like my misuse of English grammar in the title up there … But I doubt you had any trouble understanding my meaning, and you may already understand my “joke.” … [Read more...]

12 Things Developers Wish the CIO Remembered

Every CIO wants to build a development team that’s hard-working, loyal, and devoted to creating quality software. The developers are willing! But they want CIOs to lead them and understand their needs. Here’s what developers hope their CIOs keep in mind to motivate them and … [Read more...]

How to Keep a Job Search Going Through the Holidays

Companies don't hire during the holidays, you say? Corporate hiring managers are all out on vacation? Nobody's going to get back to you, so you're just going to go stand in line at a big-box store on Black Friday and dive into shopping mob frenzy? Bah, humbug! The truth is: … [Read more...]