LoadUI NG Pro + Amazon EC2: Calculate, Automate, Validate

API load testing just got a big upgrade. Before I get to the geeky details, let’s zoom out a bit. Have you ever run a load test? I mean a serious one, not just a checkbox before a release or as a backlog item to that cool thing you’re shipping. The world doesn’t … [Read more...]

CAST 2014 – Day 1 Retrospective

A small contingent of SmartBears are down in the heart of New York attending CAST 2014 - the annual meeting of The Association for Software Testing. A sold-out crowd of about 250 testers from around the world have piled into the Kimmel Center, right in the middle of … [Read more...]

Your API’s Need for Speed

APIs aren’t just about what content they deliver; they are also about how well they deliver that content. With the API Economy on the verge of outright explosion in 2015 – as if it hasn’t been exponentially growing year over year since 2005 – it’s no surprise that even … [Read more...]

Computers and Doctor Who: The First 20 Years

We all know that the arts reflect the technology of their times. So let's look at the Doctor (“the definite article,” as Tom Baker said in December 1974) and his use of computers. “An Unearthly Child,” the first episode of Doctor Who, was aired by the BBC on 23 November … [Read more...]

Your Checklist for Avoiding a Cyber Monday Performance Disaster

In my blog last week (Just Another Manic Cyber Monday), we started discussing why you need to start preparing now for the biggest e-commerce day of the year: Cyber Monday. Now, let’s break down the how. So, what is an appropriate strategy to avoid a performance disaster … [Read more...]

Should Exploratory Load Testing Be Part of Your Process?

If you do a Google search of the concept of exploratory load testing for software, you quickly realize that there isn’t as much material about it as you might think. Why? Well, it’s not an easy concept to grasp, quite honestly. Sure, some may say “I understand it!” but when … [Read more...]

Creating a New Load Generator in LoadUI

In this post, I will quickly introduce LoadUI and how you can use it to load test your online APIs. I will show how, in certain cases, you'll need something that LoadUI does not already do, and how you can create LoadUI components to do exactly what you want using your … [Read more...]

Test with Realistic Data

Welcome to the third installment of our eight-part webinar series about “The Seven Fundamentals of Mission-Critical Service Testing.” In this series, Robert Schneider, from our training-partner WiseClouds, goes through what you should be thinking about if you’re testing … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Load Testing: APIs and Web Applications [Video]

I’m in the process of writing a new eBook on load testing at the level of APIs vs. Web applications. I recently spoke with Niclas Reimertz, Managing Director of SmartBear Sweden and co-founder of SoapUI, to get his take on these two different domains. In the following clip, … [Read more...]

The Risks of Load Testing with Third-Party Monitors

One thing you should be striving for when you're load testing is a clear cause-and-effect, or causality. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it simply means that you want to make sure that the results you are seeing are due to whatever it is you are consciously throwing at … [Read more...]