Madden NFL’s ‘Tiny Titan’ Looms Large for Manual Testers

Organizations are often caught in a catch-22 situation while striking a balance between manual and automated testing. Many believe that automating as many tests cases as possible will help them test faster and smarter, thereby allowing them to reduce costs associated with … [Read more...]

Automating Gameplay with TestComplete

The recent Pokemon experiment on Twitch.Tv has been a blast to follow. If you haven’t been keeping up with the madness, basically Pokemon is being streamed via Twitch.Tv and the game is played by subscribers typing commands into the chat menu. The problem here, as with most … [Read more...]

Linux Pros Predict the Future of SteamOS and the Steam Machine

Less than a year after announcing the beta release of Steam for Linux, Valve unveiled plans for Linux-based SteamOS and Steam Machine beta hardware. So far, we've seen plenty of buzz, but we can't actually install the new operating system or get our hands on the hardware. … [Read more...]

StarWest Day 2: Video Game Testing and UAT

There were other sessions I attended at StarWest 2013 but these were the ones that stood out to me. I have to say overall StarWest was a blast but some of the sessions seemed to be more about selling a product than actual lessons in the software testing world. I suppose I … [Read more...]

Rockstar Games – After the Love Has Gone for PC Gamers

Let the uproar among soccer moms and our politically correct mass media outlets begin! A new full-fledged GTA (Grand Theft Auto) has been released into the wild and with it comes the media circus that surrounds it about how we are corrupting our children’s minds with filth … [Read more...]

Aliens: Colonial Marines and the Tragedy of Glitchy Games

I’ve rarely encountered a video game so universally reviled and technically dysfunctional as Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s been six months now, and the shock, dismay and horror of it all has finally begun to recede into the hazy, dimly lit halls of troubled … [Read more...]

How Riot Games Used Open Source to Rework Its Software Infrastructure

Life at a gaming company isn’t always fun-and-games. It’s also a demanding IT environment with a huge amount of data to manage. Using various Hadoop open source tools, the gaming company behind League of Legends supported hypergrowth and delivered more timely … [Read more...]