Hardening Your Application Against API Failures with API Virtualization

True confession time:  I’m a Candy Crush Saga addict. There was a time when we all were, but it’s become less of an open conversation these days and those of us who still linger in the parking lot to play just one more game before going into the office… well, we don’t speak … [Read more...]

The Software Naughty List: Most Hilariously Bad Tech Jokes, Puns and Memes of the Year

The Software Naughty List from SmartBear Inspired by the character “Schmidt” from the popular sitcom, New Girl, we have a fun little tradition around the office at SmartBear headquarters called the  “DB Jar” where participating colleagues can “jar” one another (fine them … [Read more...]

Holiday Season Shopping Cart Abandonment: The Global Website Performance Epidemic

  Holiday-Season-Shopping-Cart-Abandonment-the-eCommerce-Web-Performance-Epidemic from SmartBear   Here we are again. It’s that time we prep for all year—making sure our website performance is optimized for holiday revenue, and watching our calories to … [Read more...]

Madden NFL’s ‘Tiny Titan’ Looms Large for Manual Testers

Organizations are often caught in a catch-22 situation while striking a balance between manual and automated testing. Many believe that automating as many tests cases as possible will help them test faster and smarter, thereby allowing them to reduce costs associated with … [Read more...]

Hearts for Carts: Join the fight against shopping cart abandonment

Did you know that roughly 68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned every year? How about the fact that 1-in-5 carts are abandoned as a result of "poor Web performance," and that 47% of online consumers expect pages to load in two seconds or less? Or what if I told … [Read more...]

Let It Go (Software Edition)

SmartBears love software. But we also have a lot of fun together that has nothing to do with the quality life cycle. Sometimes it's go karting. Sometimes it's hockey. Sometimes it's company scavenger hunts. In the case of Gregg Hanson, when he's not demoing TestComplete … [Read more...]

Automating Gameplay with TestComplete

The recent Pokemon experiment on Twitch.Tv has been a blast to follow. If you haven’t been keeping up with the madness, basically Pokemon is being streamed via Twitch.Tv and the game is played by subscribers typing commands into the chat menu. The problem here, as with most … [Read more...]

January in History: A Geek’s Almanac

Happy New Year! But it's only been that for a bit over 250 years. Only in 1752 did January 1st begin the “New Year.”   The first day of January was celebrated as the New Year festival, but from the 12th century until 1752 the calendar year in England began on March 25th, … [Read more...]

Have Some Fun with ASCII Art

ASCII art is probably as old as the use of ASCII itself, and unless you create it by typing each letter manually without a generator, I'm hard pressed to even call it art.  However, like those silly Skype emoticons, there is something fun about it that has me playing around … [Read more...]

December in History: A Geek’s Almanac

It's always enlightening and refreshing to look back on the past and see how far we've come -- the obstacles we've overcome, the tragedies we've endured, the victories we relish, and the innovations that have changed and shaped our lives for years to come.  In this … [Read more...]