SmartBear Tools at JavaOne: Learn How to Develop Better Software

We’ll be at the Oracle JavaOne conference from October 2-4, 2017 in San Francisco and are bringing along a range of offerings for Java developers attending the conference, including tools that help teams collaborate on code, and design, develop, test the APIs that connect … [Read more...]

Building an Agile Team: Hiring Effective Agile Developers [VIDEO]

How do you hire agile developers? This is a question many organizations have begun asking themselves, as DevOps becomes more than just an industry buzzword. And this is the question Jillian Haffner, Director of Cloud Solutions & Integrations at Turbine/Warner … [Read more...]

13 Experts Share Their 2016 Software Industry Predictions [SlideShare]

It’s never easy to predict the future. But if you want to plan for the future, you need to keep an eye on what’s coming next. This month, we reached out to people from different areas of the software industry to get their thoughts on what to expect in 2016. From DevOps … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Building an Agile Team: What Does DevOps Mean to You?

What does DevOps mean to you? That was the question we proposed to Jillian Haffner, Director of Cloud Solutions & Integrations at Turbine/Warner Brothers Games, and Jennifer Davis, Software Engineer at Chef, when we sat down to get their expert insights on building an … [Read more...]

Is There Value in Having Non-Technical People Do Code Review?

Here’s a thought exercise for you. Should non-technical people participate in code reviews? It’s off the beaten path, but I think it’s an interesting philosophical consideration. We’re entirely used to code review as an exercise by developers and for developers. But is … [Read more...]

How Do You Know When To Touch Legacy Code?

This is part 2 in our series on Legacy Code. You can read part 1 here on the healthy fear of legacy code. Sometimes there are situations in life that seem to create no-win scenarios for you as you innocently go about your business. One that’s probably familiar to … [Read more...]

The Healthy Fear Associated With Legacy Code

The life of a developer would be rainbows and unicorns if all we did was add new code to code bases. Imagine a world without maintenance programming, debugging, and scratching your head while squinting at confusing existing code. It'd be pretty nice, right? Sadly, we … [Read more...]

Archive to Zip Functionality Ensures Long Term Data Retention for Code Reviews

We’re excited to announce Collaborator 9.3, the latest release of SmartBear’s peer code & document review tool. Many companies find that it is difficult to provide clear proof that peer code reviews are happening or have happened within their teams.  Often time’s … [Read more...]

Prerequisites for Effective Code Review

I'm betting that, at some point in your travels, you've seen a blog post or a document in a software shop that details prerequisites for good code review. It probably contains items like, "make sure you've run all the unit tests" and "make sure you've given the reviewer(s) … [Read more...]

Avoiding The Politics of Code Review

Asking someone to look over your work is a pretty common practice in any discipline. We’ve been conditioned with the idea that it’s always good to have a second set of eyes look at your work prior to officially marking it as done. Writing & reviewing code is no … [Read more...]