Can anyone design a job application platform that doesn’t suck?

Why does it take a half hour and triplicate-input-redundancy to apply for a job online? Why can't these online application platforms just pull in LinkedIn data and be done with it? Isn't it easier for these job application systems to just read our resumes and cover letters? … [Read more...]

Most Influential People in Software Testing

Throughout my career in software testing there have been many obstacles that I've had to overcome to get to where I am today. Earlier on I struggled with testing effectively; however, through trial and error I was able to become more efficient. On my first testing job, it … [Read more...]

Ask Stupid Questions First (so you can get better answers later)

Interaction with users can help drive product decisions, but getting from conversations with users to tangible customer data can still be a big mystery. Here are three steps for getting from a casual, interview-esque conversation with a handful of target users to concrete … [Read more...]

OpenDaylight: Open Source Programming to the Software-Defined Network

As hypervisors changed data-center computing, so software-defined networking will change data-center networking. The open source OpenDaylight project is leading the way. If you follow networking vendors, you know they get along with one another about as well as a dog … [Read more...]

Introducing the API Testing Dojo

We all know that testing software is very important. This sentiment only continues to grow as our lives become more and more engulfed with software enabled devices. And while businesses and solo developers alike understand the benefits of testing their websites and apps, API … [Read more...]

Dancing with Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, reminds us all of the joy of invention. Of tinkering. Of hacking. Of making stuff work. Of being excellent. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and listen to Steve several times over the years; He’s always funny and engaging, and … [Read more...]

What the Devchicks Can Teach Every Developer about Programming

The number of women in tech is decreasing, but their contributions are significant and noteworthy beyond their representation. Here are six lessons that all coders can use. At the annual Strangeloop tech conference in St. Louis, several women presenters gave important … [Read more...]

A Warp Speed Analysis on the Influence of Science Fiction

Space: the Final Frontier.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… These are phrases that we all know and love  - household phrases that prove the thriving, lively popularity of science fiction in our mainstream culture. Everyone knows about Star Wars, Star … [Read more...]

CAST 2013 – Arguing, Learning and Software Testing

I’ve been to STAR conferences and other testing conferences but I’ve never experienced a conference quite like AST CAST2013. The funny part of the whole experience is that it didn’t feel like a conference at all -- it was more like a gathering of friends. The attendees were … [Read more...]

A Maverick Approach to Internships

After publishing my recent post about providing software testing programs in college, I heard directly from several people and have seen multiple Twitter debates pop up about this very polarizing topic. I'm trying to contact as many people as possible to hear their opinions … [Read more...]