C11: A New C Standard Aiming at Safer Programming

Thirteen years after the ratification of the C99 standard, a new C standard is now available. Danny Kalev, a former member of the C++ standards committee, shares an overview of the goodies that C11 has to offer including multithreading support, safer standard libraries, and … [Read more...]

3 Things Software Developers Can Learn From Prince Fielder and the Home Run Derby

Prince Fielder is great at hitting home runs... but that doesn't mean he's good at making management decisions. Here are three lessons you can learn from his mistakes. This year, Major League Baseball tried out a new — and in my view flawed — way to select which eight … [Read more...]

Does Committing Code to an Open Source Project Mean Committing Career Suicide?

Plenty of developers work on open source projects on their own time or even with their employer’s blessing. But before you become a committer, you should be aware of these legal concerns. In these days of economic uncertainty, it's more important than ever for developers … [Read more...]

Migrating from Subversion to Git: Lessons Learned

For a few years, we on the SmartBear Collaborator team used Subversion as our version control system of choice.    Recently, we decided to switch to Git for all the usual reasons and, as with any technology migration, we wanted to do it with as little impact to our … [Read more...]

Fixing bugs is harder than finding bugs

Code review is really good at finding certain types of bugs.  If some unit test cases are missing, if you're not validating input parameters, if you're not checking for null or for an error condition, these are all easy that are easy to spot and just as easy to … [Read more...]