Up for a Challenge? Try SmartBear Trivia

After spinning the idea around in our heads for some time, SmartBear finally put on a killer Stump!-style trivia match on Wednesday night.  Hosted at the Bocoup Loft in Boston’s Innovation District, the event drew in 30-something competitors who split up into six teams and … [Read more...]

Clashing Coding Styles: Learning to Work with a Growing Team of Programmers

Programmers come and go. Teams expand and contract. How you deal with the varying coding styles of new hires (and sometimes veterans) can be either a deterrent or encouragement – depending on your process. “It's not at all important to get it right the first time. It's … [Read more...]

Increasing Effectiveness in Code Review

In a recent study SmartBear conducted with more than 650 software professionals across many industries, we found that tool-assisted code review is the most effective practice of any code review process. While over-the-shoulder review came in at a close second, tools offer … [Read more...]

Scott Barber’s Two Key Software Lessons from Game Developers

Our small world of software testing has big impact on the lives of most humans on the planet. At this point, if software doesn’t work well, our economies, our social lives, and even our security could be threatened. And within that small world with such big impact, Scott … [Read more...]

Is Gaming the Hottest Bed of Innovation in Software Development?

It’s really hard to put game developers in a box, so sitting down to write this blog sent my mind in a million directions. Games are infiltrating everything, and the more I think about it, the more I see how important it is that game developers produce software that really … [Read more...]

Making Code Review Work

While code review is a widely adopted practice, there are so many ways to accomplish it that it's become fairly common for teams to struggle with the best way to do it. I will venture to say that this is one of those areas where you need to be somewhat flexible. How you … [Read more...]

Meet a Professional Genome Wrangler: Madeleine Ball Keeps DNA Straight at Harvard’s Personal Genome Project

Computers have played a part in the pursuit of science for most of their history. Humanity would not have made it to the moon without a myriad of computers controlling every aspect of the space flight, and computers are crucial in modern statistical analysis of data. But … [Read more...]

Developing a Culture of Mentorship with Code Review

Donald Trump does it on “The Apprentice.” Senior citizens do it when they volunteer to teach young children to read. University alumni guiding recent graduates do it. Mentorship relationships are all around us. And for good reason. According to this article in Forbes, Sun … [Read more...]

Is Bad Software Our Generation’s Biggest Stressor?

Software that doesn’t work is annoying. In fact, I'm starting to think it just may be the biggest stressor of the average worker in our era. No longer do we have to endure biting flies as we work the field, or constant ear-splitting noises in the factory. Nope, today it’s … [Read more...]

The Low Cost of Innovation

It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of any job – all the great ideas that surface in lunch rooms, hallways and board rooms that never see the light of day. One of the main reasons those great ideas never come to fruition is lack of budget. In software, however, there … [Read more...]