4 Unexpected Benefits of Reviewing Legacy Code

Legacy code is sort of like your house's crawlspace. It tends to be a repository for things that mattered to you in days past or items needed for special occasions. The code sits there, largely unnoticed. Until such time as an odd change or a production bug causes you to … [Read more...]

Is There Value in Having Non-Technical People Do Code Review?

Here’s a thought exercise for you. Should non-technical people participate in code reviews? It’s off the beaten path, but I think it’s an interesting philosophical consideration. We’re entirely used to code review as an exercise by developers and for developers. But is … [Read more...]

Get Smart: Careful Code Review and the Internet of Things

Are you prepared for the Internet of Things? A world in which virtually all devices, from your shoes to your refrigerator, will be connected to the net and transmitting data, 24/7? If you’re a developer, you’d best be ready, because the IoT train shows no signs of slowing … [Read more...]

The Healthy Programmer: a Book Review

You want your code to be healthy and bug-free. How about starting with yourself? Let's face it: Programmers, on average, don't have the healthiest of lifestyles. We sit too much, often in one position for hours. When we get absorbed in figuring out problems we forget to … [Read more...]

Forked! Where WebKit Goes From Here

WebKit long has been the dominant open source Web-rendering engine, but with Google's Blink fork, its future has turned murky. For years, WebKit was easily the most popular Web-browser rendering engine. It was the foundation for no fewer than three of the most popular Web … [Read more...]

Xen and the Art of Project Management

Your open source project is one of thousands, so how do  you help its community grow? Start with project management, great documentation, and a road map. At LinuxCon North America, held September 16-18 in New Orleans, community manager Lars Kurth presented a case study … [Read more...]

How to Turn Your Pile of Code into an Open Source Project

You've written some code, you think it would be useful to the world, and you'd like to give back to the open source world. But how do you do it? An experienced open source guy provides a checksheet for developers to release an open source project and get it noticed. You … [Read more...]

Yes, Open Source Jobs are Hot – and We Have Stats to Prove It

If you want a tech job, you want to be in Linux and open source software. Because that’s where the employers are slathering to find qualified personnel. And they want you. There I was, at perhaps the biggest hard-core, open source conference of them all these days, OSCon. … [Read more...]

When Code Review Audit Trails Pay Off

Knowing Your Organization’s Skills Unless you’re in a disagreement with someone, an audit trail is seldom of interest to a developer. Audit trails, by their very nature, are intended to allow oversight – who did what when? And as management tools, they can be very useful … [Read more...]

Using Open Source Methods in a Private Company

You don't have to contribute your code to the world to gain advantages from open source methods. An expert offers suggestions on how to use open source practices to run internal code bases effectively. Let's say your business doesn't have one bit of interest in sharing … [Read more...]