Google I/O Android News: Location, Location, Location (Plus Cloud Messaging and Bluetooth)

At the Google I/O Conference, the company announced new APIs that every developer should know about – especially those who care about location services, cloud messaging and Bluetooth. In prior years, Google has used its I/O Conference to announce a new version of … [Read more...]

SQM Software Scramble: A New Hope

A long time ago in a blogosphere far, far away, developers and testers were desperately searching for useful and entertaining blog posts to get them through their Friday afternoon. And up until now, we've been limiting you to a lowly 5 Software Development Stories that blah … [Read more...]

How In-Memory Databases May Remake Your Database

Virtualization, cheap memory, and private cloud technologies have coalesced to create the perfect storm for modern databases. In the last three years, these technologies have obliterated barricades for speed and capacity that once appeared insurmountable. So they’re being … [Read more...]

Why the Cloud Can Mean Storms for Quality Control

While the cloud offers many benefits, it’s more like a black box when it comes to deploying software. If you are running your application in the cloud, there is less visibility than you might have in your own data center. That puts quality at risk! So, how do you manage a … [Read more...]

Making the Most of GPU Acceleration in Your Web Apps

The latest generation of Web browsers can use the graphics processing unit in your users’ computer for some really advanced graphics. Good news for developers: It's not hard to incorporate the technology in your apps. In the past two years, the major web browsers have … [Read more...]

Frontiers in Virtualization for Quality Assurance

QA led the charge to virtualization over the last decade, often teaching other departments about the advantages and pitfalls. With QA now facing the toughest problems it’s had in 30 years, it’s time to wring even more benefits from virtualization. The same goes … [Read more...]