The Sexiest Acronyms These Days: MQTT, IOT and IBM

Of course, when you go to Las Vegas, you expect to see 'sexy'. The glitz and glamour of the Strip was the perfect locale for this enormous and lively conference hosted by IBM and showcasing some of the latest trends in cloud, API, and Internet of Things. What was … [Read more...]

Perfecto Mobile Monitoring Powered by SmartBear

SmartBear and Perfecto Mobile have announced a joint partnership. We have developed an integrated solution MobileCloud Monitoring , powered by SmartBear, to provide testing and monitoring for native mobile applications. Let me take you through what we’ve done. Perfecto … [Read more...]

Feeding the Flame of the Collaborative Development Revolution

Agile, open source, the cloud, and DevOps have all led to a world where everyone should be involved in programming. Yes, everyone.  Once upon a time there were users and there were IT and never the twain would meet... except to do battle over tech support lines. Also in a … [Read more...]

Why Context Won’t Be King Soon

Software developers and marketers are talking a lot about “context” these days. And yet, end customers are still presented with irrelevant ads and irrelevant software options. The truth is, contextual awareness is not even close to being "there" yet. Here are a few of the … [Read more...]

SGI’s Long, Strange Trip: from Dinosaurs to Big Data

Some companies stay in the same business they began with, for good or ill. Others change their business model – and survive. Silicon Graphics isn't the same it was 20 years ago, but it is alive and kicking – and today it’s focusing on Big Data. Twenty years ago, Stephen … [Read more...]

Designing the User-Driven Business

The lines between consumer and business software are fading as popular mobile devices invade businesses. As a result, IT projects, solution designs, and investments are changing to better align with shifting user expectations. The days of traditional enterprise IT are … [Read more...]

Confused about Cloud Confusion

I am forever running into people who are confused about what “the cloud” is. Sadly, some of these are the same people who are promoting and using “the cloud” or “cloud-based services”. What has always confused me is the fact that people who work in IT are confused about the … [Read more...]

Confusion in the Cloud

When I first sat down to write this blog post about defining the cloud, I had what I thought was a very clear and righteous idea. As I began to write it out, I started to realize why so many people are confused as to what it is—there’s just no easy way to define it; it is … [Read more...]

What Does ‘DevOps’ Mean to You?

The other day, at the bottom of an email, in the middle of an entirely unrelated string of communications, the person I was conversing with asked, “By the way… What does DevOps mean to you?” The response I gave was, essentially, a spur-of-the-moment blog post.  Here it … [Read more...]

What is ‘Cloud Testing’ Anyway?

Recently, I have found myself in several intense discussions about “cloud testing”: what it is, what it isn’t, and what it means for testing and QA professionals. However, there is much confusion in these discussions around the definition of cloud itself.  If you attempt to … [Read more...]