Software IQ Test: Software Testing Crossword [Interactive Puzzle]

Consider yourself a software testing expert? Put your knowledge to the test in this interactive crossword puzzle. Take the Software Testing Crossword Challenge! This edition’s theme is software testing. Try to complete the crossword puzzle and make sure to share your … [Read more...]

Hardening Your Application Against API Failures with API Virtualization

True confession time:  I’m a Candy Crush Saga addict. There was a time when we all were, but it’s become less of an open conversation these days and those of us who still linger in the parking lot to play just one more game before going into the office… well, we don’t speak … [Read more...]

Madden NFL’s ‘Tiny Titan’ Looms Large for Manual Testers

Organizations are often caught in a catch-22 situation while striking a balance between manual and automated testing. Many believe that automating as many tests cases as possible will help them test faster and smarter, thereby allowing them to reduce costs associated with … [Read more...]

Top 5 Software Blunders of 2013

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year that we like to take a look back at what’s transpired over the last 12 months and find ways to improve ourselves for the future—which, as history has shown, not enough of us actually do. 2013 was a tumultuous year in the world of … [Read more...]

What Am I Really Looking At? Monitoring Your System For Clues

Let me set the scene… It’s the end of a long week. We’ve had lots of stories being tested, lots of functional details being reviewed and compared, and quite a bit of exploration going into the nooks and crannies of the app. All this to make sure that we are covering … [Read more...]

Four Serious Math Libraries for JavaScript

  JavaScript performs all its math tasks using floating point math. Using floating point numbers works fine up to a point, but then you encounter rounding errors. If you regularly need high-precision numeric output (such as performing financial or scientific … [Read more...]

What the Devchicks Can Teach Every Developer about Programming

The number of women in tech is decreasing, but their contributions are significant and noteworthy beyond their representation. Here are six lessons that all coders can use. At the annual Strangeloop tech conference in St. Louis, several women presenters gave important … [Read more...]

Crowd-Sourcing Bug Detection with Betas, Bounties and Bashes

With so many software applications passing data through shared networks and cloud environments, the demand for software quality is more prolific than ever before. With ever-more critical systems being developed in the finance, healthcare, government and defense sectors, … [Read more...]

What We Should All Learn from The FSSA About Handling Bugs

While we all know that most of our world is powered by software and our personal data is stored in multiple databases around the world, we rarely think about how often that data is passed around and manipulated between various disparate systems. Rest assured that your … [Read more...]

How Important is Requirements Traceability? Just Ask the CBOE

When the Chicago Board Options Exchange trading system was knocked out a few weeks ago, investors and customers wanted answers, and they wanted them fast. The CBOE answered, but the outage wasn’t a hack as many had guessed – it was a software defect that, by all accounts, … [Read more...]