Top 11 Misconceptions About APIs

APIs permeate the connected world, used by technical and non-technical professionals alike. At some point, we all work with APIs, building them, selling them, maintaining them and consuming them. With so many viewpoints and opinions, misconceptions can quickly emerge, … [Read more...]

The Sexiest Acronyms These Days: MQTT, IOT and IBM

Of course, when you go to Las Vegas, you expect to see 'sexy'. The glitz and glamour of the Strip was the perfect locale for this enormous and lively conference hosted by IBM and showcasing some of the latest trends in cloud, API, and Internet of Things. What was … [Read more...]

Your API’s Need for Speed

APIs aren’t just about what content they deliver; they are also about how well they deliver that content. With the API Economy on the verge of outright explosion in 2015 – as if it hasn’t been exponentially growing year over year since 2005 – it’s no surprise that even … [Read more...]

Trust No One – Monitor All Your APIs

For fans of HBO’s cultural phenomenon Game of Thrones, you probably remember the recent admonishment Lord Baelish laid on Lady Sansa by simply asking “What did I once tell you about the capital?” In what many hope was the show’s attempt to foreshadow a more empowered, less … [Read more...]

Five Reasons for Doing Data-Driven Testing

In preparation for Nick Olivo’s webinar on building frameworks for data-driven testing, which begins at 2pm EST on November 15, I thought it would be a good idea to examine the importance and popularity of this particular testing method. What is Data-Driven … [Read more...]

How In-Memory Databases May Remake Your Database

Virtualization, cheap memory, and private cloud technologies have coalesced to create the perfect storm for modern databases. In the last three years, these technologies have obliterated barricades for speed and capacity that once appeared insurmountable. So they’re being … [Read more...]

Understanding The Open Web Stack

Whether you're a .NET guru or Rails rebel makes no matter when it comes to developing with open technologies on the front end. Web doyenne Molly Holzschlag explains what the Open Web Technology Stack looks like, how developers can use this stack as a guideline for best … [Read more...]