Why You Can’t Talk About Microservices Without Mentioning Netflix

About six years ago, Netflix began the move from a monolithic to cloud-based microservices architecture, openly documenting the journey along the way. Netflix is one of the earliest adopters of microservices, a term that didn't even exist when Netflix began moving away from … [Read more...]

The Utopia of API Documentation

It’s proven time and again how much API documentation matters to your developer experience—in fact, it kind of matters more than anything else as to whether your API is adopted or not. And certainly developer experience matters to your overall bottom line. After all, in the … [Read more...]

Building APIs in Ruby : Rails 5 and Grape

Wondering what to build you next API in? Consider Ruby. With multiple robust open-source frameworks and a fantastic community behind it, Ruby is an excellent choice when getting started with larger API projects. Let's take a look at two popular frameworks to see how you can … [Read more...]

Which API Metrics Even Matter?

Software Measurement is a tricky business. When we all agree on what the thing we are trying to count is, like pieces of candy in a jar, it is simple. Sadly, software isn't candy in a jar. We try to count things like bugs, or lines of code, of number of stories completed … [Read more...]

API Design Using Behavior Driven Development

Test-driven development (TDD) has been around for a while now.  Behavior-driven development (BDD), a comparably recent methodology, emerged from the practice of TDD and could reasonably be called a narrower application of TDD. The TDD process allows a developer to use a … [Read more...]

AlertSite integrates with Akana to bring you end-to-end view of API performance

APIs are powerful. You can be an API provider, a consumer or most likely both. The APIs you consume bring data and services to your applications, drive traffic and accelerate internal projects. The APIs you provide bring you revenue, increase footprint and open a path to … [Read more...]

SmartBear at APIStrat Austin 2015

It's an interesting time of year! Holiday rush on your APIs is beginning, plans for the new year are forming, and API leaders are converging on Austin for API Strategy and Practice, November 18-20. I personally will be staying in a van down by the river, … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Your API is the Windows Vista of APIs

Does your API suck? Okay, that one needs a little explanation. If you've developed an API, it exposes some functionality to users. It might suck to learn. The documentation might be unclear and the function signatures counter-intuitive. It might suck to use, doing a lot … [Read more...]

Swagger Introduces the Open API Initiative

-This is a repost from Tony Tam's blog post on Swagger.io. Swagger creator Tony Tam has joined SmartBear recently, after Smartbear acquired Swagger earlier this year. SmartBear is excited to sponsor The Open API initiative to help further innovation in the API space.  I’m … [Read more...]

How To Calculate The Worth of an API | Infographic

In a previous post, we tried to calculate the hypothetical worth of an API, in dollars of course. Now, we have an infographic to walk you through the small amount of steps and calculations. From starting at the cost of any third party API calls, to the amount of time  put in … [Read more...]