How to Turn a SoapUI NG Pro Test into an API Production Monitor

At SmartBear, we know that ensuring API quality is absolutely critical in modern software delivery— we are after all, the creators of SoapUI NG, the #1 API testing tool in the world. As the creators of the industry-leading performance monitoring solution, AlertSite UXM, we … [Read more...]

Top 5 Application Performance Management Interactive eBooks of 2014

A round-up of our most popular educational application performance management resources of the year for IT/Operations and development teams, bundled in a super neat interactive, digital format for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy, and happy holidays! 1. User-Centric Guide to … [Read more...]

Trust No One – Monitor All Your APIs

For fans of HBO’s cultural phenomenon Game of Thrones, you probably remember the recent admonishment Lord Baelish laid on Lady Sansa by simply asking “What did I once tell you about the capital?” In what many hope was the show’s attempt to foreshadow a more empowered, less … [Read more...]

Making Your API a Valuable Product

If you are working in any stage of the software industry - whether it be development, testing, operations, marketing, or some combination of the lot - you're probably well-aware of the frenzied waters of the current API industry. Like many people, you may also be wary about … [Read more...]

Online Reservations: Booking a Faster Tee Time

Golf is one of the most popular ways for Americans to ride out the dog days of summer. Spanning all ages and skill levels, millions of players flock to the game every July and August. Over 490 million rounds of golf were played in the US in 2012, where the game has grown to … [Read more...]

Putting the RUM in API Monitoring

Last week I was very fortunate to be part of a webinar on API monitoring together with Alan Ho from Apigee. The plan was to have a face-off between our respective monitoring technologies – Synthetic Transaction Monitoring from SmartBear and Real User Monitoring from Apigee. … [Read more...]

The Rebirth of Twitter’s API

Remember last year when Twitter caused a big controversy by announcing that their new API  strategy would include a 100,000 user limit? Well, today is the day that Twitter API v1.0 is finally being laid to rest. While it was the user limit that made big news back in the fall … [Read more...]

Both Twitter and Facebook Messages Experienced Downtime This Week

On Monday, June 3, two major social networks experienced significant downtime on both mobile and desktop interfaces. Twitter was the first to go down, with features starting to fail at around 4:08 EST. Users couldn't refresh their timelines, click on trending topics, or view … [Read more...]

Cloudy with Scattered Outages – Dropbox #FAIL

The more we leverage the cloud, the more we come to expect that we can get to our information (and everyone else's) any time... anywhere. So what happens when we lose that access? Twitter explodes - that's … [Read more...]

5 Essential Tips for Creating API Monitors

As we have dwelled upon in a number of previous posts here at SmartBear, creating monitors for APIs you either provide or consume (or both) should be a cornerstone in your online quality strategy. Now that API Monitoring has a free version you hardly have any excuses left – … [Read more...]