The Half-Life of Innovation

New products hit the market faster than businesses can consume them, forcing IT executives and business managers to set priorities. If policies are too rigid, competitiveness may suffer. If policies are overly agile, precious IT resources may be spent on the wrong solutions. … [Read more...]

How To Determine Your Virtual User Quota

So you've decided that it's time to load test your website or app? Awesome. There are a probably a handful of questions that are swirling around your head as you prepare to do some performance testing. What metrics do I need to get out of the test? Do I want to test … [Read more...]

Avoiding Sand in the Agile Gas Tank

Most software organizations are some version of Agile. Yet, lingering habits still gum up the works. There are some surprising and obvious-in-retrospect reasons why organizations are not as Agile as they might be. If you want to avoid or minimize Agile challenges, read … [Read more...]

Up Your Game with Code Review

Most development managers innately understand that code review is an indispensable strategy to improve software quality. What many managers don’t know is that time invested in the up-front process of code review not only saves time later, but also helps managers position … [Read more...]

The Increased Complexity of Testing in Agile Environments

Performing testing, specifically test automation, is not child’s play. Many testers face a torrent of challenges in their projects. These obstacles can be based on manpower, geographic locations of teams, complexity of project, development methodologies or technologies and … [Read more...]

Creative Software Testing in Agile Environments | Ken Pugh

Ken Pugh has been developing hardware and software for more than 30 years. His experience in the industry ranges from coaching teams on Agile methodologies to developing software for embedded systems and satellite tracking; his list of expertise goes on. For all this time, … [Read more...]

Creative Software Testing In Agile Environments | David Hussman

A lot of software testers (or test managers) that I've met recently have reasserted something that - for me, anyway - seems to be an interesting phenomenon: Many software testers don't come from computer science backgrounds. In fact, many of them actually have educational … [Read more...]

A Developer and a User Walk into a Bar: 5 Steps to Getting Users’ Insights while Avoiding a Bruised Ego

As a developer working on consumer online software, you're invested in creating meaningful experiences for users. At the same time, if you ask customers what they want, they will – as Henry Ford remarked – ask for a faster horse. But it's worse than that, because users don’t … [Read more...]

How to Screw Up Your Scrum

When it’s done right, a scrum-based environment can turn a stagnant, slow-producing development process into an iterative wonder. Unlike waterfall or XP that is linear and more like a relay race, scrum depends on team dynamics as well as individual commitment. Effective … [Read more...]

Get The Most Productivity From Your Developers and Testers

Welcome to the fifth installment of our eight-part webinar series about “The Seven Fundamentals of Mission-Critical Service Testing.” In this series, Robert Schneider, from our training-partner WiseClouds, goes through what you should be thinking about if you’re testing … [Read more...]