The writers of the SmartBear blog come from different backgrounds with varying skill sets. They are software testers, developers, performance engineers, product managers and owners, and industry influencers. Learn more about their backgrounds and join their conversations on Twitter and Google+.

Gregory Mooney

Greg MooneyGregory Mooney is the social media manager and content specialist at SmartBear. He specializes in software testing, but mainly focuses his writing on testing methodologies, test automation, software quality, and work culture.
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Paul Bruce

Paul BrucePaul Bruce is a Product Marketing Manager for the Ready! API family of products at SmartBear. With 15+ years of software development experience, he  focuses on APIs, end-to-end web performance optimization, load testing, and all things Scottish.
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Ole Lensmar

OleOle Lensmar is the Chief Architect for SmartBear Software. He specializes in all things related to architecture, development and Quality, and mainly focuses his writing on APIs, testing tools and practices, and current testing and Quality trends.
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Nikhil Kaul

NikhilNikhil Kaul has crucial insights into the development, testing and application lifecycle management market. Nikhil received a master’s degree in business administration from Georgetown University. He is very involved in discussions taking place regarding Microsoft Windows and software testing.
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Jeffrey Martin

jeff_martin Jeffrey Martin is a sales engineer for SmartBear. Specializing in Testing tools, process, and methods, he particularly enjoys writing about the role of Testers in modern software development.
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Michael Giller

Michael Michael Giller is a technical sales engineer for SmartBear Software. He specializes in all things API and SoapUI related, focusing his writing on ranting about quality in the software development process, how different types of people involved in Software development can coexist.
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Christina Lowe

ChristinaChristina Lowe is the Partner Marketing Manager at SmartBear. She writes about everything related to Global Partner relations. She also enjoys writing about work life, events, and career building.
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Gary Deasi

Gary Gary DeAsi is a global digital marketing and demand generation expert with a passion for technology and thinking both analytically and creatively to overcome business challenges.
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Ted Epstein

Ted EpsteinTed Epstein is Founder & CEO of ModelSolv, providing innovative solutions in enterprise API design and data integration. Ted co-organizes the API-Craft NYC API-Craft NYC Meetup and speaks at conferences including QCon, EclipseCon, API-Craft, and Data Modeling Zone. Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ | View all posts


Esther Schindler

Esther Esther Schindler has been focused her writing on software development and open source since the early 1990s. She also writes for, IT World, and IEEE Spectrum. Her most recent book is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing.
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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

svjn Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, aka sjvn, is a freelance journalist who’s was building applications on Unix before many of you were out of diapers – but he doesn’t hold that against you. He specializes in operating systems, networking, and open-source software.
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Peter H. Salus

Peter Dr. Peter H. Salus has been in the computing and networking community for 30 years. He is the author, co-author, and editor of over a dozen books and over 100 articles and reviews. Among his books are A Quarter Century of UNIX, and Casting the Net.
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David Strom

David David Strom is a leading expert on network and Internet technologies and has written and spoken extensively on topics such as VOIP, convergence, email, cloud computing, network management, Internet applications, wireless and Web services for more than 25 years.
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John Mueller

John Mueller John Mueller is a freelance author and technical editor. The topics range from networking to artificial intelligence and from database management to programming. Some of his current books include a Windows 8 quick reference guide, and an HTML5 and JavaScript programming book.
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Rikki Endsley

Rikki Rikki Endsley is a freelance technical writer, editor, and community manager. She specializes in open source technologies, women in IT, social media, and career development.
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Lisa Vaas

Lisa Lisa Vaas has been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995. Nowadays she writes mostly for Sophos’s Naked Security blog and for a ridiculously long list of technology sites that she’s edited out just this very minute because it strikes her as braggy.
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Andy Lester

Andy Andy Lester has been developing software for 25+ years. He’s released many OS projects on Perl’s CPAN and on GitHub, including ack, a grep-like search tool for devs. Andy’s experiences managing programmers is the basis of his job-hunting guide Land The Tech Job You Love.
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Carol Pinchefsky

Carol Carol Pinchefsky is a freelance writer who has written for the New York Times,, IT World,, and many others. She enjoys writing about technology, science, and general geekery. She lives in New York City with her husband and their books.
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Lynn Greiner

Lynn Greiner Lynn Greiner is a freelance journalist who has been working with and writing about technology for over 20 years. She has worked as a developer, on the support side and in IT management, and writes about those topics, security, and more.
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