Washington State Group Announces One-Year Programming Academy for Women

Tired of hearing about the programming gender gap? Here’s people doing something about it. In response to concerns about a lack of women in the programming hub of Washington State, a nonprofit has formed that intends to train women with no programming experience to be … [Read more...]

The New Security: Hacking Back at a Hack Attack

The best defense is a good offense. However, it’s important to know your legal limits. Any smart development organization is concerned about security, but there’s considerably more nuance to it these days than just throwing up a wall and a moat and hoping it keeps the … [Read more...]

Building Blocks for Girls in Computer Science

With the help of a grant to “Pay It Forward,” a LEGO contest helps girls discover just how cool programming can be. Here’s how Stephanie Ludi did it. Prepare to be inspired. In the year 2000, the movie Pay It Forward, espoused the concept of repaying a good turn by … [Read more...]