5 API Testing Roadblocks You Can Overcome with Virtual APIs

Today’s software architecture relies on APIs as core to the application in much the same way as a database or user interface are considered core components to the architecture. That reliance on APIs means that application testers have to test the application’s reaction to … [Read more...]

A Guide to Improving Code Quality and Collaboration on Your Development Team

Earlier this year, SmartBear Software released our State of Code Quality 2016 report. The goal of the report was to determine how software teams are building and maintaining code quality in a world where teams are being asked to move faster than ever before. The report … [Read more...]

How to Test for API Performance and Get More from Your Functional Tests

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Announcing the Developer Collaboration Online Summit

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12 Resources for Perfecting Your API Performance Strategy

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Announcing the API Masterclass: A 3-Day Webinar Series Exploring API Delivery Strategies in 2016

Earlier this year, SmartBear Software released the results of a benchmark industry report looking at how organizations around the globe are developing and consuming APIs. In addition to providing insight into the evolution of APIs — from a technological benefit to a … [Read more...]

The Secret to Code Quality in 2016 [Infographic]

SmartBear Software conducted a global survey looking at how software teams are maintaining code quality in 2016. The State of Code Quality 2016 report includes responses from 600+ software professionals in 30+ industries on development teams ranging from 1-5 employees to … [Read more...]

How Dev Teams Are Improving Code Quality in 2016

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API Speed and Performance: A Guide to Staying In Front of API Performance Problems

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The State of Code Quality 2016: Trends & Insight into Dev Collaboration [Report]

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that code quality is a top concern for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Every company — from the smallest business to the largest enterprise organization — runs on software. Whether you’re a tech company that develops a consumer … [Read more...]