4 Questions to Ask Before Ending Your Web Apps’ Older Browser Support

As a Web developer, you might instinctively cringe when your new consulting client or user department requests support for IE6 or Safari 5.1. Before you rattle off your reasons for ending older browser support, run through this checklist of questions to ask the … [Read more...]

10 Live Wallpapers to Gussy Up Your Android Device

Recently I fell in love with Android. I should say, I fell in love with Android again. We broke up for a while when I got an iPhone, but then I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and Android started seducing me. Next, I ditched my iPhone and switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4, and … [Read more...]

Linux Pros Predict the Future of SteamOS and the Steam Machine

Less than a year after announcing the beta release of Steam for Linux, Valve unveiled plans for Linux-based SteamOS and Steam Machine beta hardware. So far, we've seen plenty of buzz, but we can't actually install the new operating system or get our hands on the hardware. … [Read more...]

Xen and the Art of Project Management

Your open source project is one of thousands, so how do  you help its community grow? Start with project management, great documentation, and a road map. At LinuxCon North America, held September 16-18 in New Orleans, community manager Lars Kurth presented a case study … [Read more...]

5 Reasons It’s Time to Ditch MySQL

MySQL is still the most popular open-source database, but it has been losing fans over the years – for good reason. We look at five practical motivations to dump the MySQL database. Back in 2008, MySQL was rapidly growing in popularity when Sun Microsystems bought MySQL … [Read more...]

10 Python Editors for Tablets

These convenient programming environments for iOS and Android tablet computers support Python and help you take your code on the road. Ah, spring is in the air! And after a particularly brutal winter, many of us are eager to get out of the office and enjoy a change of … [Read more...]

7 Editors for the Android — for Free or Cheap

Want to tweak your code on the go from the comfort of your Android handheld? We round up seven affordable Android code editors and viewers – free is affordable, right? – that can help you with HTML or other coding on an Android tablet or other device. Working from an … [Read more...]

Learn from the Masters to Deliver a High-Tech Demo

You don't have to be Steve Jobs to wow your audience with an awesome product demo. With a few tips and examples from popular product demo pros, you can minimize gadget glitches and deliver a presentation that packs a punch  – to the CIO, the venture capitalists who might … [Read more...]

How to Introduce a Tech Conference Speaker in a Minute (or Less)

You’ve been to plenty of programming conferences. And at all too many of them, the host spews something inane about the presenter being introduced. Or worse, offers a well-meaning but sexist intro like, “She’s the sexiest Drupal developer I know.” Such lame introductions … [Read more...]

How to Attend Tech Events on a Budget

You want to attend that cool tech conference – but your pocketbook says No? Here are several ways to make it easier for you to get the training and networking you need… on the cheap. Conferences and convention registration ranges from free into the thousands. Even if you … [Read more...]