LoadComplete 101, 201, and 301 Training Sessions

Have you noticed the monthly SmartBear Academy training sessions we’ve been offering? Training sessions occur once per month in the form of live webinars and cycle through three levels (101, 201 & 301). Let's take a closer look at our LoadComplete training sessions and … [Read more...]

The Performance Mindset: The Messages Have Been Received

Some related messages that we performance testers have been communicating for a few years might finally be getting heard!  The most prominent of those messages being: Test early, test often Performance testing is not an event, it is a process Integrate performance … [Read more...]

Using the New ‘Host Configurator’ in LoadUIWeb 2.9

As part of our ongoing mission to make performance testing as easy as possible, we've added a "host configurator" to both LoadUIWeb and LoadUIWeb Pro. The host configurator enables a tester to accomplish three things very quickly and easily: Change a host globally within … [Read more...]

Analyzing Data in Load Testing: What You Really Need to Know

Most load testing tools collect exhaustive information for each load test run. Traditionally (if we can say that about load testing), you needed to have pretty extensive knowledge in order to interpret the majority of load testing data in any kind of meaningful way. This, … [Read more...]

Making it Real: Emulate Real-Life Conditions in Your Load Tests

Whether it’s an elementary school math quiz, a college history exam, or a software development team’s load test, we always want our tests to emulate real-life conditions. Otherwise, what’s the point of testing? In this blog, part three of my four-part series on load … [Read more...]

How Role-Playing Games Can Save Your App

It’s easy to get swept up in role-playing video games. Who can resist the temptation to be anyone you want in a fictional world filled with unending excitement? The problem is, you inevitably end up wondering whether you’re involved in a cutting edge virtual reality or … [Read more...]

9 Tips to Prepare Your App for Optimal Load Testing

You’ve worked hard developing your Web application. Maybe it’s nothing pioneering, but is one of the millions of unsung software heroes that make our lives function everyday. Then again, maybe it will change the world. Either way, you know you need to test it - and not … [Read more...]

Running Parallel Requests in Performance Tests

One of the most important goals in performance testing is to simulate - as closely as possible - actual traffic to your site. There are a number of ways to create an extremely realistic testing experience, using such tools as parameterization, random think time and parallel … [Read more...]

Evaluating Performance of Your Web Applications

Performance testing is a huge topic, so rather than trying to tackle all of the items that could fall under that topic (a nearly impossible feat that would make today's blog post very long), I'd like to stick to three interesting topics that you may find will add value to … [Read more...]

7 Types of Web Performance Tests and How They Fit Into Your Testing Cycle

In the world of performance testing, it's important to understand the various types of testing, what they consist of and how they can benefit your applications.  Just as carpenters need the right tools to build a house, performance testers need the right test to accurately … [Read more...]