Beyond Load Testing: From Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

If you’ve ever taken a train across the northern route of the U.S., you probably spent your time soaking in the beauty of the countryside and wondering at the odd little towns, never once thinking about the possibility of colliding with another train or that a career in … [Read more...]

A Look at How a Hypermedia API is Changing Public Media Forever

"Hypermedia is the matter of which the World Wide Web is made. Much like the physical world is built of interacting elementary particles (Bosons and Fermions), the Web is essentially a universe of myriad interacting hypermedia documents." - Irakli Nadareishvili, Director of … [Read more...]

Kin Lane: Why All the Hate toward Hypermedia?

During our interview following the API Strategy conference in San Francisco, I asked Kin Lane about his favorite presentation. Funny enough, among all the developers giving amazingly technical talks, one lady without any programming knowledge at all took the spotlight, … [Read more...]

Kin Lane: Government “Services” and API Developer Experience

In part 2 of our interview with “API Evangelist” Kin Lane, he addresses the challenge of developing APIs for companies that lack an understanding of the API user experience. Unless you’ve hacked or used other people’s APIs, unless you’re a consumer of APIs yourself, it’s … [Read more...]

Is Programming the New World Literacy? This Week’s Hour of Code

Have you ever gotten to know an illiterate person? Have you spoken with them, listened to the challenges they face, and realized all the opportunity they are cut off from simply because they cannot read? It’s startling. Especially in a country like the U.S., being able to … [Read more...]

#Hack4Good Aids in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan With Disaster Relief Technology

As the winds die down and the devastating aftermath of Typhon Haiyan in the Philippines begins to dawn on our worldwide-web-connected awareness, the software dev community is responding in ways that are likely to evolve the very nature of disaster relief. For instance, … [Read more...]

Kin Lane Speaks on Lack of Transparency in

Kin Lane has been evangelizing the role and importance of APIs for years. Recently, his reputation as an authority in the API space earned him the attention of the U.S. government. Last summer, he left behind his t-shirt and bushy beard for a suit, tie and the opportunity to … [Read more...]

White Water Kayaking, Software Testing and the Psychology of Skill Development

“From day one, they were testing.”  --Keith Klain, on the Per Scholas software testing training program. Software testing is still an emerging profession. Where software development has been around long enough to have a clear career track—complete with college degrees and … [Read more...]

TechJam, Stephen Hawking and Self-Identified Geek Personas

 What kind of geek are you? That’s the question everyone who walks into Boston’s TechJam on October 3rd must answer. Ok, you don’t have to, but you’ll miss out on guaranteed amusement if you don’t. As a main sponsor of the event bringing local tech enthusiasts together to … [Read more...]

What Can We Learn from Diana Nyad’s Support Team?

“I’m more of a human spirit story than a sports story.” ~Diana Nyad during her interview with CBS this morning. Diana Nyad’s unbelievable, arduous, and triumphant 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 65 totally floored me. As a swimmer and triathlete, I know … [Read more...]