Getting Real About Memory Leaks

Modern programming languages tend to separate the programmer from memory management; Java programmers don't have to deal with pointers; they just declare variables and let the built-in garbage collector do its thing. These garbage collectors are smart, but not perfect; … [Read more...]

How to Identify Performance Bottlenecks in Your Source Code

In software we like to talk about new and shiny —  the latest JavaScript library, the newest browser extension. These things take increasing amounts of memory, of disk space, and bandwidth, but that hasn't mattered so much, because Moore's Law ensured that computer chips … [Read more...]

The Role of Testing in API Performance

Let’s consider a list of testing services: Functional Testing Automated Testing Security Testing Web Performance Testing API Performance Testing API Functional Testing Mobile Testing These sorts of lists are universal. But rather than just running down a … [Read more...]

Don’t Fool Yourself: Load Testing APIs and Scale

A typical web application uses a combination of local code and external services. Not only is adding a Twitter feed to your application’s interface cheap and easy, but using Facebook or Google for login can actually accelerate development by utilizing existing … [Read more...]

My Love/Hate Relationship With APIs

Ten years ago I was a programmer working at an insurance company. The hard IT work of an insurance company is claims processing - taking in new members, getting claims, figuring out how they should be payed, and paying them electronically. That meant a big database. We … [Read more...]

Secure Your API…Like A Castle

It’s been three years since I compared medieval security to web security, and a few things have happened. Mobile and wireless have evolved as the dominant platforms, while the life between personal computing and business computing has continued to fray. And, of course, … [Read more...]

Understanding Why Peer Review Isn’t Just About The Code

You've likely heard about the mess at, and probably know that the website had both functional bugs (mostly from systems that couldn't integrate) as well as performance bugs at go-live. There were other, deeper bugs you might not have read about. For … [Read more...]

Software Quality Lessons from STPCon 2013

Over the next few years, software testing techniques will need to rapidly to evolve as testers try to keep up with the ever-changing demands coming from throughout the software industry. Matt Heusser got a first-hand glimpse at the direction this evolution is heading while … [Read more...]

Trends in Software Testing: A Report from the CAST 2012 Conference

Professional software testing is evolving, just as are other software development endeavors. Matt Heusser learned about the coming trends that will affect your career, from philosophical approaches to the job skills you need to acquire to assure continued employment. Funny … [Read more...]

What Medieval Castles Can Teach You About Web Security

Ancient castles weren't just guarded by stone walls; they had multiple layers of defense. Here’s how to apply castle architecture to your own software design by securing your systems on multiple levels. We bandy about terms like “firewall” to represent the way we protect … [Read more...]